It’s Backpack time again, and this one is so cool. – Top Power’s 8006 Convertible Backpack with Laptop Compartment.


It’s that time of year again, where everyone is on the hunt for the perfect backpack. There is a huge movement out there nowadays too. Backpacks are not just for students of all ages anymore. Men are carrying one everyday for all their gear. People are keeping one in their cars for preparedness needs. A lot of families are even designating one per person in their family for these needs. My older son has one with him daily to carry his laptop to and from work. And I can keep going, lol. Needless to say, I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Top Power’s 8006 Convertible Backpack with Laptop Compartment in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I received this backpack in their black/red, 30L, combination. They also offer the backpack in a green/black combination and an orange/black combination. Besides color choices, they also offer this backpack in another size choice, and that is a 22L size option. They have something for everyone, really. This backpack arrives as shown.

I was so excited about getting this backpack. I really needed a new laptop backpack, and this more that fits the bill. I homeschool my son, so if we have to travel, even for just a couple days, we bring both laptops with us. Life goes on, even if you are on a trip. This pack has so many compartments for organization. It’s an organizers dream pack. I mean, even inside the main large section of this pack, there are pen slots, open and closed pockets, a zippered pocket, and of course, the padded, sectioned off, laptop compartment. There Is actually 3 pen slots, 1 zippered compartment, 1 large net storage pocket, 2 open pockets with elastic closure and a pocket with a flap that closes with Velcro. The laptop section also has a Velcro strap to secure it in place. I love the convertible design. For safety, and security purposes, it’s a great idea to have the black front panel in position when out and about, and then when you get to your destination, convert it so the pockets are showing and are easily accessible. To convert the backpack, fully unzip the black front panel. It also has a great, large zippered pocket on it.  Un-snap the two snaps at the bottom of the pack. You will notice, if you slide your hand under it, an open pocket underneath the area with the colored pockets on it. Just slide the black front panel into here, and snap the snaps shut. Voila, backpack converted with little to no effort at all. Now, the three large pockets are accessible. These pockets run the full width of the backpack. Each pocket has a durable zipper and strong zipper pull. There is also a nylon loop on each side of each pocket. You could attach a carbineer clip to one of these, to attach your keys, flashlight, or anything else you need readily available. I really love that added feature. We have a lot of military packs that have the straps to add things to. This was a great way to integrate the same ability in an every day person’s pack. On each side of this pack, there are two mesh and nylon , bottle holder pockets. I could easily fit my large stainless steel water bottle in each pocket. They have a solid strip of nylon material up the center of each of these pockets. That makes these pockets more durable than most water bottle pockets on packs. This pack measures 20 inches long x 14″ wide, by 6.7 inches deep. There is a chest strap which helps carrying the weight of a full pack easier. The straps are easily adjusted. When the pack is on your back, just grab the nylon straps to the coordinating straps, and pull at the same time, to your desired fit. Then do the same with the chest strap. There is even one plastic D ring down each of the backpack straps to hook things to. The backpack is made really well. I am highly impressed with every feature. I have owned and do own quite a few, from military grade down to little children’s packs. This pack is made better than some of the military packs we own. You can tell they took pride in this product, when they designed and made it. The material is thick and durable. The pack empty weighs a little under 3 pounds. Our laptop in the photo is 15″ x 10″. There was room to fit another one in there with it, lol, and room for a bigger laptop. They say up to a 17″ laptop. That would easily fit in this pack. I whole heartedly recommend this backpack.

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