An easy way to keep on top of your health. – Easy Home’s Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale (Smart Scale).


If I could give this scale more than 5 stars, I would. This is the most impressive scale I have ever used. It took me a few minutes to sync my phone with it, but it was well worth it. Note though. It has a reflective surface, so do not take a picture of your weight while you’re standing on it, lol. I went ahead and had my son get on it and do his weight. He used my phone though, so the picture of the weight information is from him. He is 5″11″ and quite thin. When I didn’t have my phone linked right, it was telling me I weighed 0.0lbs, loved that, lol. Obviously, I had a lot of fun with this scale, and I am so happy that I was afforded the opportunity to review Easy Home’s Bluetooth Body Fat Digital Scale (Smart Scale) with FREE App for IOS and Android, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This incredible scale arrives as shown. In your package you will get: 1 scale, and 1 instruction pamphlet.
The battery compartment is on the underside of the scale. There is a lot to this scale, and it weighs more than the usual home scale nowadays. Remember, this is a high tech electronic device. Turn it over with ease. You will see the app scans, or you can search for it in your play store. The battery compartment is also under the scale. No tools are needed to access the battery compartment. You will see a little clear plastic tag sticking out of the battery compartment. Just pull it out, and your scale will be on to use now. It takes 4 AA batteries. They are included with the scale. Now, if you didn’t scan for the app, search your Playstore for: easyhomescale. It is a free app to download. It only took a minute to do this. For some reason, it took a few minutes, and a few try’s to get my phone to communicate with the scale. I have a newer phone too, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Once the app is downloaded, it will take you to the page to load your personal information. Then, while standing on the scale with naked feet, make sure you’re phone is paired and communicating with the scale. It will come up as Electronic Scale. Then, the magic happens. A huge blue circular button will be on your screen. Go ahead and touch it, and voila, results to so much information, it will blow your mind. Your weight will obviously be there, as well as your: body water, body fat, bone, BMI, Visceral Fat, BMR, and Muscle Mass. It will also compare your weight with your last weight taken. And this is all on one screen. It doesn’t take that long for the scale to read you also. I have a nursing back ground, and am so fascinated by this. Having all this information at your fingertips can really help you and motivate you to think more health oriented, and thus inspire you to maintain a healthier lifestyle . At the bottom of the results page, you will see three areas notated: info, settings, and delete. I will delete this last weight, because it is all my sons information. Press the info button though It breaks down all the readings by sex, and age, and lets you know where your reading lands in regards to health standards. Knowing your weight has nothing to do with how pretty you are. That is not the point of owning this scale. The only point of owning a scale like this, is to help you understand where you are in regards to health standards. I haven’t owned a scale in years. I keep my weight off, because with my asthma, and life threatening allergies, I breathe better with less weight on. I try and keep a stronger core, to help me be able to fight off my horrible bronchial attacks and anaphylactic reactions. There is a huge correlation between body fat, etc., and disease. I love how such a personal, and sensitive subject, can stay personal. Being able to know and regularly obtain this information from the comfort of your own home is amazing. I am just so thrilled with this product.

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