A lot of power, it easily charges my Galaxy Note Tablet and Note Phone. – Synctos’ Dual USB Car Charger 24W / 4.8A.

This is a great to have in the car. My car is a 2009 and I have only 1 separate USB outlet. We always have multiple devices to keep charged, from phones to pads. My son never travels without a pad, lol. I was afforded the opportunity to review Synctos’ Dual USB Car Charger 24W / 4.8A for 2-Port Charging in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. The seller sent this to me directly. I am currently using a Galaxy Note 4 for my phone. These new phones come with rapid chargers. Once you get used to having a rapid charger, a regular speed charger is just too slow. I was relieved to see that this USB charger for the car is a rapid charger too. It worked wonderfully with both my phone and my son’s pad. There’s a pretty blue LED light that encircles the ports when it is plugged in and getting power to it. Aesthetically, I really it. I think the modern design is very current. That, and I am a nut for LED lighting. It looked really cool at night, and it’s easy to find. The low profile design is also quite appealing. Since it doesn’t stick out to much, it doesn’t interfere with my little bit of storage I have underneath the 12 volt spot. I normally store my phone right there in that spot. I am really happy with this rapid charger. It works wonderfully and makes my life so much easier. I definitely feel comfortable in recommending it.
Their website is:  http://www.synctos.com/
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