First aid and preparedness needs met with LG Business’ First Aid Kit


This is a fantastic first aid kit. With it’s added essentials, it moves more into the preparedness category. I am so pleased with this first aid kit, I am putting it into my vehicle as is. I am very happy that I was afforded the opportunity to review LG Business’ First Aid Kit at a reduced cost in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This first aid kit arrives jam packed with so many essentials. You will also receive an e-book on how to be prepared for some emergencies.
This case is constructed from a durable nylon material. The two inside pockets are vinyl with a nylon flap closure. This closure is Velcro for quick access. I like the clear vinyl pockets. It’s easier to see what’s in there at a glance. It’s also easy to clean and disinfect. This whole case can be washed on cold and air dried if need be. Here is a list of all the items you can find in this kit:
“Antiseptic cleansing wipes (6 pcs), Alcohol prep pad (10 pcs), Butterfly closure strips (2 pcs), Extra large adhesive bandage (1 pc), Adhesive bandages (20 pcs), Knuckle adhesive bandage (2 pcs), Fingertip adhesive bandage (2 pcs), Gauze swab (3 pcs), 1 disposable cold compress, First aid tape (1 roll), Cotton tip applicator (10 pcs), Abdominal pad (1 pc), Disposable vinyl gloves (1 pair), Slim rescue howler whistle (1 pc), Compass, button Liquid filled (1pc), Moleskin blister relief (1 pc), Triangular bandages (1 pc), Emergency blanket (1 pc), 1 glow stick, Disposable raincoat (1 pc), Scissors (1 pc), PBT conforming bandage 5×3.6cm(1 roll), CPR facemask (1 pc), Plastic tweezers (1 pc)”.
Not only do you have all the basics covered, but you also get a disposable cpr mask. Most kits do not have this in it. They are not as easy to get as one would think either. I finally have three now. 2 for in house, and this kit with the other, is going in my car. My mother suffers from multiple heart conditions, and I always want to be prepared. So many people won’t help nowadays without one. I’ve instructed my 20 year old son how to use it too. He was relieved to know I had them finally. I’m not sure if he would have been capable of doing cpr without one.
You will notice as you read about what’s in the kit, that they also include an emergency blanket, a light stick, a disposable raincoat, a whistle and a compass. This makes this perfect to throw in your pack or car. It truly becomes more of a preparedness kit. Everyone should carry one emergency blanket per person in their vehicle. They can be used for so many purposes, all the way from warmth to signaling. You can research online on all the things you can use an emergency blanket for. You’ll be amazed. I already have 4 of them in my personal vehicle, and my spouse and child have some in theirs too.
If you go to the drug store and price out everything in this kit, you’ll be amazed at the incredible value here. I can fully recommend this product.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon:

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