A must have for preparedness: Epicura’s Magnesium Fire Starter and Credit Card Tool.


A fire starter is one of those tools every house hold should have at least one of. I am a firm believer in preparedness. I have a family and I want to make sure I can meet their basic needs in case of an emergency. I honestly think that there should be one per adult in the home. I know we have several.

I really like the size of the magnesium bar. Some for purchase are so thin and scrawny. I try to only purchase a solid sized fire starter, and this one fits the bill. I want a fire starter that I know will last and be there for me when needed. This particular one even has a compass in it. It arrives with a small red cord attaching the striker and fire starter. I took mine off of this cord to use it. I found I needed either a longer cord or no cord to achieve the leverage needed to strike the magnesium bar. I was able to get some large sparks out of this one, even outside in the high winds. The actual magnesium bar is three inches long. The compass is in the handle. In the handle of the fire striker is a whistle. The striker has “teeth” on side and an inch ruler on the other side. If your power goes out, or you are camping, or traveling, it’s always recommended to have a fire source to provide heat, protection, light and food.

My husband and I always carry a credit card tool also. The one that comes in this kit is solid stainless steel. In no way is it flimsy. It comes with a sheath and breakdown sheet to explain what everything is for. The tool itself is just shy of 3″ long and it’s 13/4″ wide. It’s the perfect size for a wallet or purse. This credit card tool has 11 functions mentioned on the card: can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4 position wrench (for various sized nuts and bolt head), butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, and a lanyard hole (key ring hole). I love the little cheat sheet they give with it. Some of the uses might not jump out at you when just seeing it for the first time. The knife edge on mine arrived pretty sharp. It is definitely long enough to sharpen it when needed. You’ll be amazed how many times you’ll actually go to use it once you start carrying it. It’s also so light weight, and would be perfect to throw in your first aid kit for your vehicle or your emergency pack.

This is a great quality set that has definitely found it’s way into important uses in our home. I most happily recommend it for yours.

If you would like to purchase this, it can be found here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VH1H8AG/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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  1. The advantage of one-handed opening to an outdoors person is of course particularly useful in and around water – if your arm is entangled or you are holding someone’s head above water and cannot release to enable two-handed opening.

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