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My family and coffee go hand in hand. Be it drinking it black to iced coffee. There is always someone in our home who wants a cup of joe. We are also very big into organic products. I have severe food allergies, and we have had to go that route. Finding a variety of good quality coffees isn’t as easy as you would think it would be. We are thrilled to find www.clickroastdeliver.com. They have such a wide variety of coffees. Even our preferred organic variety. We were lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to review their Organic Espresso Quatro Blend and their Organic French Roast whole bean coffees in exchange for an unbiased review. This was definitely a pleasurable product to review, lol.

We ordered their 12oz packages, whole bean. I try to grind a little at a time, so it is always very fresh. I tried the Espresso Quatro Blend first. I was amazed how smooth it was black. I am normally a on organic milk and stevia girl, but since I was reviewing, I went for the full flavor. I was expecting bitterness, and I received none. All I tasted was a rich, smooth flavor with hints of dark chocolate. I was very impressed.

The Organic French Roast was no less delicious. There is really something to be said about organic coffees. They are so smooth. I am in no way the black coffee drinker in this family. I was able to drink both the espresso and this French Roast, black. This French Roast was smooth, and rich. The flavoring was different of course from the espresso. I tried to see if I could detect all the flavors I read about n the coffee descriptions. I think I was able to detect a hint of vanilla in this French Roast. Maybe some chocolate too. I do know it was quite good. I personally have never tried to detect flavors in coffee before this. It was actually kind of fun, a challenge you can say.

Ordering online was very easy to do. They give pretty great descriptions about their coffees. I received my coffee pretty quickly, and received great email confirmations and updates with tracking. My overall experience with www.quickroastdeliver.com was top notch. I am very pleased with this company and their products.

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