Smokin Hot! – Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case.


Soldering irons can be used for many tasks from jewelry making, to electronic repairs, and LED lighting projects, and more. We are pretty happy with this set up from Sywon. It comes with a great storage case as well as solder, a solder sucker, solder stand, and 6 soldering tips. The soldering iron is a 60W iron. The Y solder stand probably won’t last very long though. It’s thin metal, and comes in a credit card form. You unfold it to make the stand. You can just lay it down so the tip area is on the metal card. That might be safer. My husband says there’s tips that would also be great for wood burning as well. This soldering iron is also adjustable from 200-450?, which is equivalent to 392F – 842F. So, be careful if you haven’t used one before. Make sure your work surface can tolerate the heat. It works on our traditional 110 US voltage. The soldering vacuum is pretty cool. It is made out of aluminum and plastic, and provides solid suction. Press it against your skin to test it. My husband really likes how fast this soldering iron heats up. He said he has to wait so much longer for his old one. He is able to accomplish a lot of his wiring jobs on the lowest of the settings too. In other words, this is new soldering iron.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Sywon’s 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit with Carrying Case, Including 60w Temperature Adjustable Soldering Iron, Solder Wire, Solder Sucker, Solder Stand and Soldering Tips, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Perfect for entertaining. – GreatEast’s Bordeaux Wine Rack 3 Bottle Black.


I am really fond of this wine rack. It is a tabletop/countertop size, which is perfect. It’s nice to have a few bottles out for display. It’s also easier to remember what you have left this way too, lol. What I found was that some of our liquor bottles also fit on this stand. We have a really pretty Vodka bottle, and fits in this stand perfectly. You can make this stand a mini bar while entertaining, because of this. The quality of this stand is top notch. It is made out of solid steel with a black powdered finish. The welds were done well, and should last your lifetime. It is solid, not bendy or flimsy at all. It does indeed hold three bottles well. I love the design. The scroll work is so pretty, and the top is curved up, and is actually a handle. When your bottles sit in here, the liquid flows down to the cork, so it won’t dry out. I think the four ball feet are a nice touch. Size wise, it is very compact without sacrificing style: 10 ¼” wide x 9 ½” tall x just under 7 ½” deep. Even if you bump into it, it won’t knock your bottles out. I really can’t say enough about it. I really do love everything about it.

I was afforded the opportunity to GreatEast’s Bordeaux Wine Rack 3 Bottle Black, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Perfect to hang your stage lighting. – D.L. Life’s Truss Hook Clamps.



I’ve reviewed my share of stage lighting, so I was quite pleased to finally get my hands on some of the clamps. Even though I knew these D.L. Life Truss Hook Clamps were 2 inch clamps, they are very impressive in person. These are metal, thick, and made well. They arrive with a high polished aluminum finish. They are made out of Aluminum. They are easy to operate, and securely attach your lighting. All the hardware is included with the clamps. That includes the bolt to attach it to the light itself. The top of the clamp operates on a hinge system. Unscrew the wingnut, about half way, and the bolt mechanism slides out of the way for you to open up the clamp. It makes it so fast and easy to do, since you do not need to remove the wing nut to open the clamp. These will fit a 2” pipe perfectly. They are 1 ¼” wide.  Since most lights ae positioned above your head, it’s great to have such an easy system to operate. All of my clamps I received in this set of 4 are in great working order. They should last for years.

I was afforded the opportunity to review D.L. Life’s Truss Hook Clamp JFDWOPHT 4PCS Heavy Duty 2 Inch O Stage Light Hook Clamp, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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Loving my Copper Moscow Mule Mugs from Kangaroo!


I love Copper Moscow Mule Mugs. I love the look, and we are copper fans. These are a little different than some on the market. They state 100% Copper in their name, but they are not copper, nope. These are stainless steel mugs, plated with real Copper. The handles are solid brass though, and quite handsome at that. It annoys me when labeling is misleading. Their real product description is on their packaging though. These mugs are 16oz mugs, and are a great size for a traditional Moscow Mule drink, or any other drink you would like. Just remember, with all metal mugs, they pick up the temperature of the drink you put in them. So, unless you like holdingkangaroo Copper Mule 2 hot mugs, like me, I would stick to cold drinks in these mugs. I also recommend hand washing them with a non-abrasive soap and sponge. They do give you the Moscow Mule recipe on the packaging. I tweaked it a bit for what I am used to. They do not give an amount for lime juice, and I stated one. Here is it:

1oz lime juice


2oz Vodka

4-8oz of Ginger Beer they state 4 – 6, but most recipes say 8.

Then garnish with a lime slice.

These mugs are very handsome. Aesthetically, they are spot on. I do not feel that the metal alters the flavor of my drink at all. I use stainless steel straws all of the time as well. The rim is rounded, and comfortable on the lips. The inside opening of the handle is on the smaller side, but is comfortable to slide your fingers through it, and cradle the mug in your hand. Overall, I like these mugs. There are no chemical worries with these mugs. Copper is actually healthy for you, and is recommended to drink water out of one daily for health benefits. They will need some gentle care to them to make sure the plating doesn’t come off. These style mugs always impress. They are perfect for entertaining.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kangaroo’s 100% Copper Moscow Mule Mug; Copper Mug; Hammered, Stainless Steel Interior, Brass Handle (2-Pack), at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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