One of the most durable sporks out there. – Tapirus Spork of Steel, Set Of 4.


I love these. I have a similar set with plastic sporks, that we love, so I was so excited to see them in stainless steel. I am a huge stainless steel fan. It doesn’t harbor bacteria or fungus, and it cleans so well. It is the material of choice of professional cooks. We have purchased several other types of travel/survival utensil sets. You rarely see convenient, travel easy utensils in a set of 4. This is so compact and easy to carry. This set is perfect for families, or going hiking with friends. It’s always great to have extra if you are meeting other people. Needless to say, I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Tapirus’ Spork of Steel, Set of 4 in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This great product arrives as shown. You will get 1 neoprene, zippered storage case, and 4 stainless steel sporks.
These sporks are three utensils in one. So technically, in this set it’s like having 12 utensils in 4. There is a spoon on one end, the fork is on the other, and on the left side of the fork tines, is a serrated edge to use as a knife. I have a plastic set like this, but these stainless one’s are much stronger. In a survival situation, you would even be able to do dig with this one. It can even tolerate some heat, if using it to cook with a camp fire. There is no bend or flex to these sporks either. They are incredibly durable. They are still light weight though. It barely adds anything to a pack. These are even dishwasher safe, since they are stainless steel.
The case is made from neoprene. This is such a wonderful material. It is great for repelling moisture. This makes it perfect for storing the utensils while camping, hiking, traveling to the beach or lake. You can rest assured your utensils will stay clean and dry. It is also a very durable material and should last a long time. This set is most definitely my favorite set. It has taken over as the set to go in my pack.

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