Wine, I think I will. – Jokel Product’s Foldable wine bottle set.


My husband and I do enjoy a glass of wine now and then. We happen to be on vacation currently, and brought our Jokel Foldable wine bottle set with us. This set consists of two 750ml flasks, 1 bartenders tool and a collapsible funnel. It is the neatest set. The two flasks are made out of food grade plastics with no BPA in it. The tops twist off and on, so they are easy to operate. The center is clear so you can see exactly what you have left. The funnel that comes with it has to be the coolest funnel I have ever seen and used. It cracks me up, that it’s collapsible. How handy is that. It is s portable and easy to store this way. I am not sure what the funnel is made out of. It feels like silicone to me. I love that the wine flasks are non-breakable. They seal very well too. We are able to lie them in the smaller fridge in our room with no concern. You can carry them to the beach, RV’s, camping, friends home, etc.., and you don’t have to worry about breaking a bottle. If you have parties’ poolside, these are perfect for that. No worries about broken glass with these. The bartenders tool is pretty great. The corkscrew works perfectly, and makes opening a wine bottle quite easy. There is a bottle opener for beer bottles on the handle. There is even a small knife blade to cut the foil with, and more. You could slice your limes with it if needed. I have used wine flasks in the past, but I love this complete set. I will use that funnel a lot, and not just for wine, lol. As far as using these for vacation, they are perfect and we couldn’t be happier.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Jokel Product’s Foldable wine bottle – 2 Pack plastic reusable collapsible 750ml wine flasks includes easy-pour funnel & bartender’s corkscrew bottle opener, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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