Helps keep your health on track. – Jarv’s Advantage IPX7 Water Resistant Smart Watch.


My husband recently got back from Kuwait. His activity has completely changed, so I thought he would really appreciate this watch. It’s important to keep on top of your health. Using a smart watch like this one, really helps you to keep on top of it, while you are busy during your work day. It comes with a free app to really help you track yourself: I-GotU Life from the Google Playstore. This watch is compatible with phones that have Android 4.3 or higher and IOS 7.0 or later. We have only used it with Android devices. It connected immediately with my husband’s Galaxy Note 5 phone. This watch has Bluetooth 4.0 technology in it. My husband leaves it on 24/7. It is comfortable to wear. We love the regular round watch face, with the traditional watch strap style. The strap it comes with is a TPU band. It is interchangeable though. So, you could put on any watch band you want. My husband finds it very comfortable and has left it as is so far.

This watch will track you 24/7. The battery life lasts up to 10 days on a full charge as well. On day 2 ½, my husband’s watch still had a full battery. I was not expecting the battery life to really last like they said. I was quite pleased to be proved wrong. The display is an OLED display and is quite clear. It was quick and easy for my husband to set up. It tracks his activities, sleep, calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and the goals you had set up for yourself. It synced up with his fitness app he had on his phone already, and carried over the steps he had already taken for the day, the first day he turned it on. It also carried over the amount of steps that he had set up for his daily goal. Now, that’s impressive. It really syncs up to. When I send him a text, it pops on his watch screen. The same goes if he’s getting a call. Now, you have to remember to turn on notifications for your calls, texts, calendar, emails, and social media. It has a solid waterproof rating of IPX7. You can wear it in the shower with you, while washing dishes, and bathing your kids. It can go into the water up to 1M for up to 30 minutes. So everyday water activities are fine. It has more features too. It gives you the current UV warning index so you can further protect your health. It has a timer, and a sports setting. You turn on the sports activity setting when you start out for a run, a game of basketball, etc.., and it will give you the steps, calories burned, for that specific activity. My husband has been loving his watch. He is highly impressed with the long charge life. It really is a 10 day life on a full charge. We have no complaints on this watch. It’s working better for us than most smart watches we have tried. My son even stated that this watch does more than his fitbit does.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Jarv’s Advantage IPX7 Water Resistant Smart Watch, Fitness Activity Tracker, Sleep Monitor with Smart Notifications. Bluetooth Wireless Sync, Hi-Res OLED Display with 10 Day Battery – 40mm Size, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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