The T6 FLashlight Kit from EcoGear FX is a very reliable, convenient and made well kit., February 9, 2015


We, as a family, are big flashlight and lantern fanatics, lol. I truly believe that a family can never have enough. In Florida one year, and we lived in Central Florida, we had a hurricane come through. So many areas around us had no power for up to a week. Can you imagine being in home with your family, with no power , for that long. I have two grown kids and one 7 year old. My youngest has always had a strange fear of the dark. He personally owns a couple headlamps, lanterns and flashlights, lol. We also have flashlights in a lot of different price ranges. I was quite thrilled when I was afforded the opportunity to review EcoGear FX’s T6Flashlight Kit in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. As always, the flashlight came quickly with Amazon. It was packaged impeccably. Even the included 18650 battery was boxed inside the box, lol. I love that. It’s nice to be able to order from a company and not have to worry about it breaking in the mail.
Inside the box is the flashlight, a battery sleeve, an 18650 battery, an 18650 battery charger, a bonus solar powered LED keychain. I have one of these key chains, and I’ve attached it to my purse handle, so it’s always charged and available. It’s so bright for something so small. I personally think it’s the cutest solar panel I’ve ever seen, lol. There is also an instruction/care maintenance sheet of instructions, and a triple A battery adapter.
I plugged in the battery charger and battery. It took about 2 1/2 hours for it to fully charge. There is a light on the charger that goes from red to green when it is done charging. I took the triple A adapter out and used the 18650 battery. It is a Ultrafire battery. I own quite a few and they work very well. Make sure you point it away from your face when putting the battery in. I was halfway screwing the cap back on, and blinded myself, lol. It was very bright. This flashlight has several modes in it. Turn it on once, it has the regular on. Depress it twice, and low regular on comes on, depress it twice and strobe comes on, depress it twice again and S.O.S mode comes out. The top part of the flashlight pulls out to focus the light. When it’s fully pulled out, then it’s at it’s tightest focus point. When it’s fully pushed in, it’s at it’s widest beam. It’s printed on the flashlight itself for quick reference. The lens of the flashlight is rounded. It uses a Cree bulb. Cree bulbs are my favorite for flashlights. You really do get a brighter light out of them. I have no way of measuring lumens. It is a very bright flashlight though. This light comes with the wrist strap already attached. I sometimes have trouble attaching those, so I was quite pleased that that was already done. The flashlight itself is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. This makes it lighter, but it also makes it very durable and tough. Closed, it is 6.2 inches long. It’s smaller than my smart phone, lol. On the end of the light, by the lens, that area is ridged. I call that a DNA catcher. If the worst ever happens, and someone try’s to grab you while you’re out walking, you should be able to use this light to defend your self. The edges will be able to collect DNA for the police when you hit your attacker with this also. The body of the light has some molding and ridges on it. These really help keep a firm and comfortable grip. If you shake the flashlight, you will not hear anything. It’s made well. The push button on/off switch is on the tail end of this flashlight. It is an orange color. It is easy to reach and depress with our thumb. I do not have a mount, but this light is mountable to a firearm. This light is also weather resistant.
I am really happy with this T6 Flashlight Kit.  The price point is impressive with everything that comes with it. I feel quite comfortable recommending this set by EcoGear FX.

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