Rapid charging in a convenient 6 port desktop 60W Charger by Rogue.

I am quite pleased with this Rogue 60W 6 Port Desktop Rapid Charger. I own another brand, so it was fun to compare the two. I was afforded the opportunity to review this charger in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. We, as a family, own a few pads and phones. We are always charging something. In the evening, when we are all together, it can be a dance of wires, lol.
This charger was a breeze to set up. I literally, took it out of the box. Placed it in the included stand. Then I attached the power cord to the unit and plugged it in. That’s it. There is no other on/off button to use on this charger. There was no directions needed. So easy, anyone could do it.
I usually use my rapid charger that came with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I charged this with a different cord, via this unit, and it charged just as quickly. I was very relieved. Once you have fast charging abilities, it’s hard to except anything else.
These 6 port rapid charging units are incredible. They are such a life saver. In the evening, when we are all gathered together in the living room, we used to always fight over the plugs, lol. Now, with a 6 port rapid charger, it’s not bad at all. We always had a multiport surge protector to use, but with us sitting in different chairs, there was always pulling of the plug in unit, and thus the cords. Now we can have our two lap tops plugged in and with the rapid charger, we can have our phones and pads charging too. No more pulling, or unplugging. Life is easier and friendlier. We can have multiple items plugged in, and everything still charges in a quick manor. I really haven’t noticed a slowing of charging speed from one item plugged in, to multiple items plugged in charging.
I most definitely feel comfortable in recommending the Rogue 60w 6 Port USB Desktop Portable Rapid Charger. It can be found on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/Desktop-Charger-Intelligent-Charger-Technology/dp/B00NOIY44I/ref=cm_cr-mr-title

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