Cooking the cast iron way with Ewei’s Homeware 10.5 inch Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan.



I am the main cook in the home, and I cook almost everything from scratch. Cast iron cookware has been a part of our kitchens since childhood. If you haven’t experienced cast iron cooking, you are missing out. Not only is cast iron a highly durable material, that can last a lifetime, but it adds something to your food. Meats are great cooked on cast iron, and all foods get the added benefit of iron to them, from being cooked on it. Cast iron has great heat conduction. Once it heats up, boy is it heated up. You can greatly turn down the heat, while still maintaining great, even cooking. Don’t forget to use a pot holder though, with this pan. This cast iron pan by Eweis Homewares, measures out at 10.5″ (cooking surface), by 1.96″ deep, by 16.5″ to the end of the handle. This is an easy pan to start off with as well. It has already been pre-seasoned. They only used vegetable oil to preseason it. So, it’s ready to go right out of the box.

Care of a cast iron pan is pretty easy. People tend to over think it, really. The key is to wash and dry it after cooking on it. If I let it soak, I only do for a few minutes, and then it cleans easily. Then I try to dry it as much as possible. If you don’t want it out while it’s thoroughly drying, just place it in your oven to dry. While the pan is still a little warm, you can even wipe it down slightly with vegetable oil also. This will keep the pan from rusting. If you let your pan get damp, and surface rust appears, it does clean easily, and doesn’t affect your cooking. There are a lot of hints and tips online, as well.

Cast iron pans can be used stovetop, in the oven, and over a campfire. They are obviously very versatile to own and use. This pan is well made, and great to cook with. With its ridged cooking surface, it’s great to cook different meats on it. This pan even offers the spout, to make draining easier. Overall, it’s a great addition to our home and kitchen. I am really happy with it, personally.


I received this for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. – Ewei’s Homeware 10.5 inch Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Pan, Square Grill Pan.

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There’s nothing like homemade pizza! – Kit-Chef’s Round Cordierite Pizza Stone.


Stoneware has been a big part of my kitchen for around 15 years now. I love cooking on stones. I needed a new pizza stone though, so I am thrilled about this new one from Kit-Chef. It is wonderful. This stone is also the thickest stone I have ever had. It is 14” in diameter and ¾’s of an inch thick! That is thick. It is quite substantial in weight and size. It works like a dream too. I can’t wait to see how much better it gets with seasoning. Seasoning occurs over time. The more you cook on it, the better it gets. This is definitely a product that gets better with age, just like us cooks, lol.

When you first use this stone, you need to rinse it thoroughly with water only. Never, ever, use soap on this stone. It will soak it up, and your food will taste off. Then, let it dry overnight. The next day, cook it in your oven at about 450 degrees, for up to 2 hours. They state as high as your oven can go. Now, you are free to cook on it. Don’t rub oils on your stone, they can end up smoking a little in the oven. If you want to put something down on your stone so your food doesn’t stick, place some cornmeal on it. My pizzas came out beautifully on this stone. I need another one now, lol. I cook two at a time. Of course, you can cook anything on a stone. I just have fresh made pizza on my mind. Included in the box with the stone, is a great instruction sheet. To get a crisper crust, you can preheat your stone, and then place you pizza down on it, or rolls, breads, etc.. Do not place a hot stone into water though. It will crack on you! You need to make sure it cools off before you wash it off with water only. I love how evenly stones cook. They really do add a special something to baked goods.

pizza stone 3

I was afforded the opportunity to review Kit-Chef’s Round Cordierite Pizza Stone 14″ x 3/4″ – Thick Sturdy Stone, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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