Make it Squeaky Clean with this MATCC Foam Wash Gun from Yomoid.


Pressure washers are a common addition to many homes. We are renovating a home, and my son is rebuilding a truck. So, we had to get a new pressure washer, lol. Having a foam wash gun really makes cleaning so much easier. But, only if they are made well, and are easy to operate. Fortunately, we lucked into this one from Yomoid.

This foam wash gun arrives in three pieces: the bottle with tubing, the gun grip, and the nozzle attachment. It’s ready to roll right out of the package. The 1L bottle is a great size, and holds enough soap and water to wash more than one vehicle. My son has even used it to wash some of the car parts for his truck. The bottle is made out of a thick plastic. It is not bendy, or cheap at all. It should last a while. The same goes for the rest of the unit. The grip section is made out of a thick plastic, and the working parts are made out of brass fittings, just like you see in the plumbing world. On the grip, it actually states that the maximum psi that can be used is 4350psi, and a good working psi is 2175psi. The minimum required is 1000psi, though. 

foam wash gun 8

Our pressure washer, that we used this foam wash gun with, is 3100psi. It works like a dream for us. It’s just a twist knob to adjust the setting. The markings are only +, -. The + sign will add more water flow, which decreases the foam output. The – sign, decreases the water flow, which increases the foam output. Then, to adjust the fan spray, you just need to twist the from end of the gun, which is the nozzle end, that’s it. It’s really easy to use. Just attach the pressure washer tubing to the grip end. Add your soap and water to the bottle. If needed, you can add warm water to the bottle, and then the soap, to more quickly spread the soap into the water. We didn’t do this, and we still got a lot of foam.

Foam Wash Gun 5

Now, when you are done sudsing up whatever you are washing, you can easily disconnect the water bottle and fan nozzle from the handle section. Then, just add a fitting of your choice onto the quick connect end, and rinse off your project. It took my husband about 30 seconds to make the initial changeover, that’s it. Using the gun grip is really nice. It’s comfortable to hold and use. It’s so easy to stop the flow by just releasing your grip. We did not use a special soap to wash our vehicles, only dish soap, and it worked so well through this. My son used Zep Purple Degreaser Soap through this foam wash gun, and he said it worked really well for him. It really made the job easier for him.  Overall, this is a well-made, easy to use tool. It really has become a quick indispensable tool to our pressure washer.

I received this as a sample, but all opinions are honest and my own.

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We go through a lot of baseball caps in my household. My guys wear them all the time. They get really dirty and sweaty too. Using a Cap Washer like this one from JHeath on Amazon, can really help expand the life of your baseball cap. They let you really clean your caps, while maintaining their shape and integrity. It is so easy to use as well. You can place this in a washing machine that doesn’t have the tall agitator. They recommend the top rack of the dishwasher, on the normal cycle, the most though. Just place your hat into the unit. Then clip it shut, and place it on the top rack. Make sure the agitator on the top of the washing machine isn’t going to hit it. I didn’t think of that at first, but then moved it to the corner of the top rack, and it worked perfectly this way for me. I did have a hard time opening mine the first time. One of my clips did not want to slide through to open. I removed the cardboard from the packaging, and then I was able to work it easier. Place your dish detergent into the machine like usual, and wash it on the normal cycle. Then, leave your hat in the cap washer until it is dry. The same goes for the washing machine. I cheated, because I wanted to check on my hat, lol. Then I had to place the whole thing outside to dry, since I stopped the heat cycle. They also suggest using a mild detergent with the cap. I used one of those detergent pods, and it worked great! The cap washer is very gently on your cap. It is made out of plastic, and doesn’t affect your hat in any negative way. It’s such a simple design, but I am so glad someone invented one. It is the perfect answer for washing your hats.

I was afforded the opportunity to review JHeath’s Activefit Apparel Cap Washer, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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I’m actually excited about this rubber broom from DBroth.


No one likes to clean, but it’s one of those necessities. I was afforded the opportunity to review the most unique broom I have ever seen. This Rubber Broom by Dbroth is so unique. Even my 21 year old son, came over, and said, “What the heck is this?!”. He then had to feel it, play with it, and used it. I love that since it is made with all rubber bristles, it can easily be washed off. On one side of it is a squeegee. That I have never seen on a broom before. You could wash down your RV with this broom, or your vinyl siding. It’s an easy way to keep a clean broom in home. I love that idea. The handle on this broom can unscrew from the bristle area. That makes it easy to wash off. The handle also is telescopic. Just pull it up and screw it to the right, to lock it in place. There is a hole on the top of the handle to lock it into place. The handle is a painted metal, and there is a hole on the top of it, in case you want to hang it up. Because the bristles are rubber, don’t push down when sweeping. It will feel like it’s hard to move. If you take it lightly across the floor, it does do actually sweeping really well. It may take you a few times to get it down. Because the bristles are rubber, it doesn’t kick up a lot of dust, which is great with my insane allergies. Things stick to it to, so if you had pets, that would be great for cleaning up pet hair. I even used the broom to clean the overhead air intake vents.  I sprayed the bristles down with Windex, and then ran it across the grates. It really helped! It also made it so much easier for me. Normally, I get a ladder out, and then reach to clean it by hand. I so dread it. If you have to do this too, then get this broom, lol! It’s a well-made broom, durable and sturdy. It locks into position well, and is so usable because of how it is made.

I was afforded the opportunity to review DBroth’s Rubber Broom – Soft Natural Rubber Bristles with Built-in Squeegee Edge, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

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