We go through a lot of baseball caps in my household. My guys wear them all the time. They get really dirty and sweaty too. Using a Cap Washer like this one from JHeath on Amazon, can really help expand the life of your baseball cap. They let you really clean your caps, while maintaining their shape and integrity. It is so easy to use as well. You can place this in a washing machine that doesn’t have the tall agitator. They recommend the top rack of the dishwasher, on the normal cycle, the most though. Just place your hat into the unit. Then clip it shut, and place it on the top rack. Make sure the agitator on the top of the washing machine isn’t going to hit it. I didn’t think of that at first, but then moved it to the corner of the top rack, and it worked perfectly this way for me. I did have a hard time opening mine the first time. One of my clips did not want to slide through to open. I removed the cardboard from the packaging, and then I was able to work it easier. Place your dish detergent into the machine like usual, and wash it on the normal cycle. Then, leave your hat in the cap washer until it is dry. The same goes for the washing machine. I cheated, because I wanted to check on my hat, lol. Then I had to place the whole thing outside to dry, since I stopped the heat cycle. They also suggest using a mild detergent with the cap. I used one of those detergent pods, and it worked great! The cap washer is very gently on your cap. It is made out of plastic, and doesn’t affect your hat in any negative way. It’s such a simple design, but I am so glad someone invented one. It is the perfect answer for washing your hats.

I was afforded the opportunity to review JHeath’s Activefit Apparel Cap Washer, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this Cap Washer, it can be found here on Amazon:

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