Staying feminine and being camo chic. – Camo Chique Boutique’s Browning Keyring + Mossy Oak Pink Performance Hoodie.


Staying feminine while sporting your camo. It’s definitely possible with this sweatshirt. The colors are soft, yet sticking with the infamous camouflage styling. I am quite pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Camo Chique Boutique’s Browning Buckmark Keyring + Mossy Oak Pink Performance Hoodie in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This Browning sweatshirt will arrive with Browning’s Trademark key ring. It comes in a very pretty organza drawstring bag.

This sweatshirt is just perfect for hunting, outdoor activities, relaxing, snuggling, or just hanging out. It is made from 100%polyester. The outside of it is very smooth, and silky feeling. The inside is more on the brushed fleece end for it’s texture and feeling. These are made to be a little on the roomy side. I absolutely love wearing my sweatshirts large. I normally wear a medium, but I ordered a sz. large because I really like them loose. I could wear this hunting with a turtleneck underneath it and be quite cozy during the fall, early winter months. The wrists have ribbed cuffs, and so does the bottom band of this sweatshirt. It is also ribbed. There is also a large from pocket. This is great to warm your hands, or slide your tissues if you’re going to be out for the day on a cold day. This sweatshirt will really keep you warm. Even if it’s damp and cold, you will find warmth and comfort in this sweatshirt. The hood I love. I love being able to pull up the hood from my sweatshirt. It’s always so much softer than a winter hat. I have thick hair, and winter hats are not my friend. But I can always rely on my hoodies hood. This one has a light pink cord to it too. The inside material of the hood is a double layer of the outside material. They doubled it up, which will really help keep the elements off your head. I am not new to Browning’s sweatshirts. I just love their quality and durability.

They even include their pink metal Browning Keychain. This would even look cute hanging from your review mirror. It’s a heavy duty durable keychain, while still being feminine and classy. Browning seems to have this down pat.

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