So soft and luxurious. – Camo Chique & Spa Boutique’s Luxury Spa Wrap.


I am always doing something, and I always have a son in tow. I homeschool, and never have a moment alone. The little fee time I have, is usually in the bathroom, lol. And then, not always. Anything that can make me feel a little pampered is very welcomed in my life. I am so thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Camo Chique & Spa Boutique’s Luxury Spa Wrap at a reduced price in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This wrap arrives just as shown. A bag full of luxury.
I am highly sensitive to a lot of fabrics. All cotton is my best friend. This spa wrap robe is made from 100% cotton terry velour. It is just so comfortable, and comforting to have against your skin. I ordered it in the Natural Ecru, but it also comes in white and black. They even offer the robe in different plus sizes, besides the One Size option. So they have Spa Robes to fit any and all of us beautiful ladies. I love being able to put this on when I get out of the shower, or when I’m about to get into the shower. If my son barges in, for that last minute very important question, I’m fully covered. I just can’t get over the secure feeling I have with this on. It has 4 snaps that go across the front. They are made from a thick plastic, so they will not rust. There is no just coming undone or falling off with this spa robe. The length of the Spa Wraps is 32″ long. It’s perfect for covering everything you need to. The comfort is just perfect. No other fabric says spa like 100% cotton terry velour. I really can’t get enough of it. It would really make the perfect snuggle blanket, lol. The large pocket on the right side is perfect for carrying anything you might need. A book  to read in the bath, your favorite nail polish to do after your shower, your cell phone, favorite lotion. Anything, really. The quality is also top notch. The elastic is wide and sturdy. The stitching is tight. And the material is thick and comfortable. This is my new favorite bathroom addition of all times. Now I am wondering how I’ve gotten along without one for long.

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