Solid kitchen tools. – Secutta Direct’s Cooking Utensils Set-Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools.


I do a lot of cooking. Most everything from scratch due to severe food allergies, too. I am very picky about my cooking utensils because of this. I really can’t tolerate inferior utensils, and either donate them or throw them away. This set from Secutta Direct is absolutely fantastic. It is a heavy duty set, and I love them. You get 6 utensils in this set and they are: one spatula, one soup ladle, one skimmer, one meat fork, one slotted turner, and one egg beater/whisk. These are made out of a thick stainless steel and have hard wooden handles on them. The stainless goes into the handle, and the wood is riveted to it. Then, each handle has a stainless steel piece riveted into the top of the handles, with a whole, so they can be hung up. They are all also far from small in stature. For example, the soup ladle is 13 ½” long, and it is one of the shorter ones. Men will not feel like they are holding tiny utensils when cooking with these. My husband loves them, especially the whisk. He has been wanting a more durable whisk, and that is what he has with this one. The slotted spatula has a serrated side to it. It is a smooth serration though, but you can cut into a sausage, or the like with it, while cooking. I love the solid spatula. It is large and in charge. The sides are raised a little, so if you are trying to reach into the oven to turn something over, your item won’t just slide off. I hate when that happens. I also really love the very large skimmer, which I call the slotted spoon, lol. It’s great for veggies, potatoes, frying food. It’s the best utensil for all of these. I have never had one this size or shape, and it’s perfect. Stainless is such a perfect material for the kitchen environment as well. It doesn’t naturally harbor bacteria, mold, or fungus. It’s so, so easy to clean. I hand wash everything, but these can go in the dishwasher. Always make sure the area where the wood and stainless meet, has been cleaned thoroughly, though. All of my rivets were done nice and tight except for my spatula. It has a tiny bit of play in it, and I mean tiny. It does not affect the usage at all, thank goodness. I really like the shape of it. I would have to say, that that is the only negative I could find in my set of utensils. They are definitely a welcomed addition to my family, and will get a lot of use.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Secutta Direct’s Cooking Utensils Set-Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools Set Of 6 With Wooden Handle For Home Professionals.

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