So easy to use, and makes great coffee and tea too. – Pyora’s French Coffee and Tea Press.


I’ve recently started using a French press. I’m quickly becoming a convert. They are so easy to use, and you can use them for more than just coffee. I was sent Pyora’s French Press Coffee and Tea Maker 34oz, Stainless Steel for the purpose of inspection and unbiased and honest review. It arrived quickly. The unit arrives intact in the box. No assembly is required. There is just a thin layer of bubble wrap around the unit. I am really glad it arrived in one piece. This French coffee press is very appealing to look at. It’s also very light weight, since the unit is for the majority, glass. There is a stainless steel frame to hold the glass carafe. The top is plastic and stainless steel. The plunger unit is also stainless steel. There is no need for replaceable filters with this unit, since there is a built in screen with the plunger. When using coffee, it’s better to use course grounds, so you don’t have to worry about any leaking through the filter.
I chose to make an organic, loose leaf green tea in the French press for this review. The directions are on the box on how many scoops of coffee per cup. There are no separate instructions in the box, so don’t throw your box away until you’ve got it down. This is a 34oz French press, and there are 8oz in a cup. Mugs normally hold more. You can get three healthy mugs of coffee out of this press. With my loose leaf tea, I free poured the tea into the bottom. I am now used to the level where the plunger goes to. You can practice with it empty to gauge where it lands. After your grounds, or tea are in the carafe, you pour your hot, not boiling, water to the level desired. Now you leave it alone to steep. I let it steep for about 4-5 minutes, and then put the plunger in and compressed it down slowly. It brings all the grounds or tea down to the base. You will leave the plunger all the way down until you are done with the coffee or tea. It can be poured without touching the lid. My green tea came out perfectly with this press. It screened out every bit. I had absolutely no tea leaves mixed in with my tea.
This is a great way to enjoy your friends and family while entertaining. You can make your fresh coffee while staying in the room with them. Especially if you are sitting on the patio with them relaxing. Some places are not so conducive of a regular coffee pot also. For example, if you are camping, or picnicking at the beach. You can heat water up on the grill, and then make fresh coffee with the press.
This is an easy way to make sure you can enjoy the healthy antioxidants that coffee and teas provide.

coffee 2                                      If you want to learn more about this French Coffee Press, you can see it here on Amazon:

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