One durable and extrememly handy 7W Solar Charger by SunLabz.


I am a big fan of solar power. It’s always great to conserve energy. It’s also not always guaranteed that you will be near conventional energy when you need it. I know our lives revolve around our hand held devices. With society today, I feel it’s very important to have a means of communication ready at all times. With SunLabz Portable Solar Charger (7W), it’s possible to have a back up source of energy readily available. I was afforded the opportunity to review their charger in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This particular unit is made to be extremely portable while maintaining it’s charging ability, as well as charging your unit on the go.
This solar charger is equipped with a 5v USB charging port, It is located on the back of the charger, inside of a zippered mesh compartment. When not charging, you can store the included USB cord and other accessories in here. This unit also comes with 4 suction cups and 4 carbineer clips. On each outer corner there is a grommet. You can either mount this charger via those clips or suction cups depending on your needs. They include an instruction sheet that shows you the optimum way to charge your panel. Pretty much, full sun is best, not a surprise, lol. It also suggests to not charge a device if the sun is weak, cloudy. Not having a strong stable charge can hurt our devices.
The carbineer clips would make this perfect to strap on your pack while out and about. It’s extremely stable and very secure with the carbineers. It won’t jostle around. Your phone could still charge while it’s strapped on your pack too, while still being very secured. Our phones nowadays are extremely expensive, but since the charging port is on the back, it will be nicely secured against your pack in a zippered compartment.  You can also attach this charger to your window, or other suitable location with the suctions cups. My power used to always go out when my phone was near dead. Due to severe health issues, my phone is my life line. I can always have a charge with the ability to use this SunLabz charger. This is priceless for me and my family.
They use high efficiency solar cells with hardened anti-scratch and protective coating. These cells were sewn into a pvc fabric so they could withstand the weather. This charger is weather resistant. The USB charging port on the back has a cover that pushes into the opening like our phones do. SunLabz states they use the highest grade cells on the market. These have a 22% transfer rate.
I have another solar charger that is my personal one. This one I find to be more durable and a lot more user friendly. There are so many ways it can be used. I don’t have to stop my activities, since it can be strapped on. And with the ability to use suction cups too, there are so many surface that can be used. I also really appreciate it’s durability greatly. It’s a unit I can rely on and not worry about. I fell very comfortable in recommending this product.

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