Sheer glam with Tospania’s Round Compact Portable Magnifying Makeup Mirror.


What lady doesn’t like to carry a mirror in their bag, not many that I know of. It’s convenient to have, especially if you wear contacts like me. You never know when they are going to act up on you. In an emergency, a mirror is even handy to attract attention to where you are, or to try and start a fire. This mirror is just so pretty too. It definitely has some glam to it with its sparkly crystal beads in the cover. The cover is made out of PC material. It does make rustling sounds as the beads move around. The mirrors’ case is nice and solid, and made of metal. The cover where the crystals are, is rounded. I love the bright blue crystals. They are so pretty. The rest of the case has a high polished chrome shine to it. You can wipe off all of the fingerprints this gathers with the included cleaning cloth. The diameter of this mirror is approx. 2 ½ inches. It has a push button release to open it, and then it just snaps shut. Inside of the case, you will find the 2 mirrors. The one on the bottom is the higher magnification, they are calling 1:2. The one on the top is the 1:1 magnification. That is the regular mirror you will be using most times. The size is perfect; it fits in my palm well. So, it is really easy to hold and use one handed. I need that when dealing with my contacts. I just love my blingy mirror, and I am very comfortable recommending it.  

I was afforded the opportunity to review Tospania’s Round Compact Portable Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Glitter Lucky Crystal Beads – Ocean Blue, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives nicely packaged as shown.

If you wouod like to purchase this product, it can be found here on Amazon.:

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