Conveniently convertible. – Hiking World’s 40L Backpack.


We have gone through a gambit of backpacks in our home. I’m sure every home does as well. Between schools, camping, hiking, military, work, and travel, the bags have kept rolling in. I like the convertible aspect of this backpack. It makes it quite useful. Not all backpacks are like this one. That said, I have one negative about this bag. I’m not sure how much weight the shoulder straps can take. It is the way they sewed them on. I think they could be easily made stronger, with a little shoring up. At the price point the pack is, I think it’s worth it.

There is a lot of storage in this pack. It has 2 very large compartments. It also has a laptop compartment and can hold up to a 15 inch laptop.  This pack is made out of 600 Denier polyester. The interior is lined as well. The zippers work flawlessly on this pack, and they have large zipper pulls. They are easy to grasp and pull. This pack is covered in Molle webbing. The entire front and the sides to be exact. The two front pocket are removeable. Just undo the Velcro straps from Molle webbing and take them off. The large pocket has an attachable shoulder strap in it to use it as a separate bag. This bag also has a rectangular Velcro patch on it, so you can attach your own patch of choice. ‘Merica, is always a great one. The other removable pouch is perfect for goggles or shooting glasses. This one has a large patch of Velcro on the front of it. You can fit a couple 2”x 3” patches on this one.  This pack measures out at 18 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. You can fit a lot in this bag. This bag does have a waist strap on it. It arrived detached from my bag, and I had to attach it myself. It’s very easy to thread it on. You also have the ability to carry a bipod, or tripod, or even an inflatable sleeping pad, on the underside of the pack. The entire back side of the pack is covered in a mesh material allowing for some venting, which in turn, helps your back stay cooler.

My pack arrived in great shape. It had some odor to it, so I placed it on my porch for the day. When I retrieved it from the porch, the odor was gone. It must have been from being wrapped up tight from shipping. When I get the chemically laden products, airing it out never, ever works. I have mixed feelings about this pack, only because the shoulder straps need to be strengthened if we are going to use it for heavy loads. We might take some braided fishing line and shore those areas up, just in case. It’s a very useful pack, and convertible because you ca change out the pouches on the front to suit your needs. That’s a very handy feature.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Hikingworld’s 40L Military Tactical Rucksack Backpack Assault Pack, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This pack arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this pack, it can be found here on Amazon.:

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