Privacy achieved. – Danaces’ Self-Adhesive Window Film Sticker.


We are renovating a home. In the Master Bathroom, there is a large window. We toyed with the idea of applying spray window frosting to the glass, but that is not reversible, and it doesn’t always come out even, which is so ugly. I was very excited to see this window cling. We have used window cling in the past on my mother’s French doors, so the concept is not new to me. The only reason she removed it, was because she replaced her doors, lol. It was still going strong.

This window cling arrives with very clear, installation instructions. That is key. It arrives, tightly rolled up, which is usual for this type of product. Be very, very careful peeling the cellophane wrapper off of the roll. I almost ripped part of my instructions. Now, the window film itself is a nice thickness. It has the frosted look that I was looking for. I suggest making a templet out of cardboard, or thick, cardstock paper, and then trace it onto the film, and cut accordingly. If you have small panes, like I do, make sure you make it a little bigger, and then trim to fit with a box cutter, while it’s adhered to the window. When you install this film, make sure you thoroughly clean your window first. Then, spray it with some mildly soapy water, and apply your window film. Do not forget to peel off the backing on the window film. Lol, I did the first time, and was so frustrated. They even clearly state it in their directions, too. Then squeegee it, to get out the excess water and air bubbles. When you are all done, cut off the excess window film. I am really, really pleased with the outcome.

I cannot believe how well it stays up, and how much privacy it actually affords you. It is so wonderful, and a relief to me since we were doing it to a bathroom window. That is a room you really want privacy in. Besides privacy, this window film also blocks out light, UV rays, and helps energy conservation. That is key for us also, it’s an older home with older windows. The roll is indeed 17.7” wide by 78.7” long.  So, measure out your window first, and plan on how much you will need prior to ordering. I absolutely love this product, and I like that they have it available in several different options. We did just half of the window for the review, to show the drastic difference. My window will be completely covered, and I am just thrilled with it. I am very comfortable recommending this product.

I received this product, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Danaces’ Self-Adhesive Window Film Sticker.

If you would like to purchase this window film, it can be found here on Amazon:

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