Perfect for the 30oz Yeti Tumbler! – Grip-Its’ YETI Tumbler Handle for 30oz Rambler


We live with our 30oz tumblers, in our home. This new fad of the double walled, stainless steel tumblers, is a great one. They really do keep our drinks cold longer, and our hot coffee, hot, longer. We also take ours on the go, and even outside, just to relax. It’s not always convenient to carry these tumblers. The 30oz is pretty wide. I love that they have come out with handles. When your hands are full, and you have to still open doors for your kids, these handles really make a difference. This particular handle, from Grip-It, is made really well too. It is very sturdy, and eco-friendly as well. It is made out of BPA free plastic, and is also recyclable, if it were to ever break, or if you got tired of it, lol. I can’t imagine getting tired of it. We have an SUV, and a Truck. My mom has a small Corolla. We can all fit our 30oz tumblers, with this handle, in our cup holders. Of course, I can’t put another cup in the adjoining spot, in my SUV. But, Ha, I really don’t care about that, lol. I’m glad I can bring my cup down with me. You just slip your tumbler through the top, and let the weight of the cup take over. I always give it a little push to make sure it’s on tight. After that, this handle will not slip or slide on you at all. To remove your cup, you need to push down on the handle, to break the hold. This fits our Yeti, and some of the competitor cups very well. We only have one competitor that designed their cup with a wider top, believe it or not. I love the ridged design of the handle. It gives it a little flare, to what is otherwise a plain cup. It is even available in 10 color choices as well. So, you could actually get one in a different color for everyone in your family. Overall, this is a well-made, sturdy handle. It fits our tumblers very well, and is comfortable to hold and use.

Colors available: Blueberry Blue, Caribbean Blue, Cotton Candy Pink, Emerald Green, Midnight Black, Orchid Purple, Snow White, Strawberry Red, Sunflower Yellow, and Sunset Orange.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Grip-It YETI Tumbler Handle for 30oz Rambler – Lightweight, Spill Proof Grip For RTIC Cooler Stainless Steel Tumblers, SIC, Ozark Trail & Travel Water Coffee Mugs or Flask – Snow White

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