One incredible Dog Deterrent and Personal Safety Alarm – C&J Pet Supplies Ultrasonic Pet Repellent and Personal Alarm.


I love animals, and they love me. Unfortunately, I am deathly allergic to dogs. By that, I mean that if they walk even close to me, my throat starts to swell shut. Animals love me though, and I am a magnet. If there is a dog off it’s leash in the neighborhood, it will find me and my son when we are trying to take a leisurely walk. I normally walk and my son rides his bike next to me. That makes us a double attraction. Dogs like to go after bikes and they always want to jump on me. The sad thing is, I actually love, love, love dogs. They’re so cute. I was even the victim of a German Shepherd dog attack when I was around 8. So I know first hand what it feels like to be attacked. I would never wish that upon anyone, especially my son. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Shenen’s Jianfeng Electronic Pet Product Co. C & J Pet Supplies Ultrasonic Dog repellent & Alarm in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.
In the box you will get the red alarm unit, the trip wires, instructions, a wrist strap, and a ac power adapter charger. You can carry an inverter in your and charge this on the go too. I always have an inverter in my car, but then I like to be prepared. When you get this unit in, it is advised to charge it for at least 7 hours for the first charge. The light on the charger will turn to green when fully charged.
The trip wires are a great idea. These wrap around anything you don’t want taken from you while you are out. For example, your purse or luggage. If your purse is grabbed away from you, the wire will separate from the unit, causing an ear piercing alarm. I just love this feature. As a child, I have a clear memory of my mom being mugged of her purse in Mexico. They didn’t have things like this back then. I was going to take a video, until I realized how ear piecing it was, lol. Wow, does this system work.
On the back of the unit, there is an on/off switch. Make sure it is on. On the left side, if the unit is facing you, there is an expel/alarm button. If you want to expel dogs, you leave it on expel. If you are going to use this as a personal alarm, turn it to alarm. Only do this if you need the alarm. It goes off right away and it is super loud and ear piercing. If you have attached the trip wires to it, you can put it on alarm without it going off until the wire is separated, then the alarm goes off. I suggest practicing with this unit outside. I sure did. On the right of the unit are two separate buttons. The top button is a fire button. This is too set off the dog deterrent ultrasonic alarm and light. You will not here anything, but you will see the light flashing. The button below is the lamp button. This turns the flashlight  on. This unit is very lightweight. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be heavier. Anyone from child to elderly could easily carry this. You will know if the unit is charged if you press a button and the green light goes on. Make sure your unit is charged before going out. If you are going to rely on it for safety, you have to do your part.
I am very pleased and quite impressed with this small unit. I didn’t get to test it on an attacking dog, fortunately, but it did send my neighbors dog running to the other side of their house. It is definitely going to be part of my routine. I feel very comfortable in recommending this product.

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