Works perfectly for family photos and fits my Galaxy Note 4. – Bluetooth Selfie Stick by Cellacc.


 I am quite excited that this Bluetooth Selfie Stick by Cellacc actually fits my Galaxy Note 4. I am so happy that I was afforded the chance to review this product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. It is so easy to operate and pretty much self explanatory. They do include a small instruction sheet in the box. They also include the USB cord needed to charge the base unit. You will want to do this first thing so it’s ready to go when you are. The micro usb slot is on the bottom of the handle. The tiny on/off switch is above the charging port. The metal handle extends pretty far. It actually made me nervous to have my phone extended that far out, lol. It extends out approx. 40″ depending on where you measure to. They include a small mirror to attach to the handle instead of your phone. You can check your self out with this, or your surroundings. The phone cradle screws onto the handle pretty securely. It moves full circle and bends back and forth to assume any needed position for that shot or video. It’s pretty tough too. I moved that around pretty hard and stood up to the test. When syncing it to your phone, make sure you have your Bluetooth turned on. Go to your settings, and press to search for available devices. Make sure you pressed the pairing button on the handle of the selfie stick too. Then just click connect when you see it pop up on your settings. My husband and I find a self stick useful in taking family photos. We can actually take photos of us with our youngest at the same time. Usually one of us is left out of the photo. I am quite pleased by this unit and feel quite comfortable in recommending it.

If you would like to see more about this, you can see it here on Amazon:

You can also see a video on this selfie stick here on YouTube:

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