Modern look. – BEIYI’s Towel Rail Rack Chrome Polished Stainless Steel Single Bar.



I never really think of updating things like towel bars. But, it is such an affordable and easy way to spruce up your bathrooms. Everything else in a bathroom is so expensive to update, when it comes to fixtures. We are planning on moving, and the home has a half bath in it. This towel bar from BEIYI on Amazon, is perfect for a half bath. I am so excited by it. It is a single towel bar, in that it would nicely hold one bath towel. It can and does hold two hand towels nicely too. I love, love, love the updated modern look of this towel rod. It is really nice looking to me. It is a chrome plated, stainless steel towel rod. It won’t rust on you. They even include all the hardware to mount it. It is lightweight though, which is perfect for me. They are so much easier to hang in awkward spots, if they are lightweight. If you have children that like to hang from your towel bars, this is not for you, lol. This towel bar is rated to hold up to 22lbs. So, a wet towel is fine. Kids, not so much. Of course, it all depends on how well you hang it too. I laugh at this because someone close to me hung her towel holders so well, they pop off the wall regularly, if you are not careful, lol. The towel bar itself measures out at 22 ½” long x just over 3 ¼” deep. The wall plates extend out a little further. This towel bar reminds me of the modern cabinet pulls seen in a lot of house renovations on TV. It’s a great sleek design, that I see will be timeless for our day and age. The guys in my house really like it also. Pay attention when you are mounting it. Remember to place the screw behind the mounting plate that extends through the middle of the plate. This is so you can attach the arm to it. When it arrives, it looks like one solid plate. Push in the center, and it will separate the two halves for you. Mine did not arrive with separate directions, but they have great photos on their ad page if you need it. Overall, I am really excited about this towel bar. It’s made really well. My set up has no flaws whatsoever to it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: BEIYI’s Towel Rail Rack Chrome Polished Stainless Steel Single Bar.

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