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Bathroom accessories are not always glamorous. More than not, I am sure you never talk about them with people, and forget to think about them when you are out and about shopping. Nonetheless, they are necessary items in our homes. I came across one company that offers some pretty nice quality items, so I decided to share them on my blog. I had the privilege to test out these products:

1.       Premium Bath Tub Mat – Non-Slip & Anti-Bacterial with suction cups – 29 x 16 in. long, White.

2.       Sammy Tub Side Bath Kneeler & Garden Kneeling Pad with Hook: Orange.

3.       Clean Healthy Living 70×71-Inch PEVA Shower Curtain Liner, White.

4.       Clean Healthy Living Roller Shower Curtain Rings – Polished Stainless Steel.

What I noticed about each product, was the quality. Everything was well made. Everything was practical in use, and not a frivolous expenditure. Quality materials were used in production. Nothing was unhealthy to breathe in. The shower curtain liner is mildew-resistant non-toxic PEVA. I love that. No horrible, unhealthy smells, like the normal PVC shower curtain liners give out. It has 12 rustproof metal grommets, so it’s easy to hang and use. To top it off this liner even has three magnets and 4 suction cups to help keep it in place. The shower curtain liner measures out at 70” x 71” in size.

The Shower curtain rings are made out o stainless steel. So, you will not have any rust worries with these. We love this style of curtain ring, and have been using them for years. Each ring has 5 stainless balls on them, and they really let you roll the curtain across the pole. They do not catch, or get stuck, they just keep on rolling. They watch have a full closure on them as well, and you never have to worry about your curtain falling off the hook. That is a pet peeve of mine. These are so durable and well made, they should last for years.

The other two items I received are a shower mat, and a kneeling pad. They are both made with great quality. Mine arrived in perfect condition. One of my children’s friends past away by falling in the shower. It really never occurred to me, until that happened, about what a possibility it could be. This one is a neural color, thick, and covered with tiny suction cups. It holds very well, and did not have any odor upon arrival. It measures 29” long x 16” wide, so it’s a pretty good size. Just remember to pull it up and let it dry after each use, to prolong its lifespan. It does have antibacterial properties to it, as well.  This bath mat is actually eco-friendly to. “It’s made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This microban material is organic, BPA free, and therefore healthier for your family.” I love that! The kneeling pad, I feel can also be used for bleacher seating. It will not just keep your knees from hurting, but your tushy too, lol. I love the large goldfish design. Mine arrived in perfect condition. Kneeling by the tub can be very, very uncomfortable. I love the size, color, and shape of this pad. It’s fun, and endearing. It can be used for so many applications: bathing a little one, gardening, tiling, and home improvement application where you are kneeling, and scooching around, stadium seating, picnic benches, or any other hard seating surface. It’s covered in a neoprene fabric, which is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. The underside is done on a thick, vinyl like material. It stays put when you press weight onto it. I thought it would be slippery, but I tried it on smooth flooring, in different tests, and it stays put with weight pressing down on it, even just one foot. It has a nylon webbing carry handle. It has a Velcro closure on it, so you could strap it to your towel rack, or stroller, if needed. This mat measures out at 13 ½” long and 12 ½” wide. It’s really cute!

Overall, I am really happy with this company’s products. They are made to be healthier for you, and to last. They are also competitively priced.

I received these items at a discount. I was under no obligation to leave my unbiased and honest review.

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A perfect home accessory. – Votamuta’s Tissue Roll Hanger Wall Mount Contemporary Style, Brushed Finish



It’s not always convenient to mount a product to your walls. For some reason the tp holder in my mom’s room keeps getting pulled out of the wall. I think it’s the area on the wall, It’s next to her walk in closet, and there are no direst studs in that area, and we are using wall anchors. Even if she just hits it with her knee, it’s coming off. I recently bought her one like this, and it works so much better. Now, some people aren’t handy, or have tiled walls, and don’t or can’t attach product that involve drilling. So, again, this peel and stick product is perfect. The entire back plate is covered with a thick, double sided sticky adhesive tape. (The tape is 3 ¼” x 1 5/8th”.) It mounts, and stays. Make sure you are level prior to mounting it. Take out your level, and dry a small line, where you want to place it, and then place it on the line. It’s not moving once put in place. Make sure the area is nice and clean and dry before mounting it also, for longer adherence. This item is very sturdy. It is made better than the one I had bought my mom. The material is rust proof T-304 stainless steel. And pretty thick as well. There is a slight upswing of the arm, to then end of the arm. This, I’m sure, is to make sure your tp roll stays put, while in use. There is a ½” arm that sticks up to also make sure it does. I have no issues. We use the big TP Scott roll, and it fits on this perfectly. This is a great one for tight spaces as well, since it only protrudes out as for as your toilet paper roll, lol. The holders’ measurements are: 5 ¼” x 3 7/8th” in size. Even though it is stainless steel it has a great brushed finish, and looks great paired with brushed nickel finishes. This product can also be used with dish towels/hand towels. I am using mine for my kitchen dish towel. I do not want to hang a towel for my door, so I hung this on the side of the cabinet that faces my sink. I love it there, since it lies so flat, and holds the towel perfectly. This is a very handy and useful piece. I’m so glad it’s well made and easy to mount as well.

I received this for free. I was in no obligation to leave an unbiased and honest review, like I did. – Votamuta Tissue Roll Hanger Wall Mount Contemporary Style, Brushed Finish


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It’s shower time. – Votamuta’s Modern Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Rain Shower Head, Faucet Valve Mixer Tap, Waterfall & Rain Shower Sprayer, Wall Mounted



When this first arrived, I thought it was broken, lol. It turns out, that to make shipping it easier, and to lessen the chance of breakage during hipping, they place the water connections into the main shower unit, not attached. Just unscrew the top panel. It requires a regular sized Phillips Head screwdriver. Then thread the two brass fittings through the coordinating holes, and attach them into place with the coordinating brass nuts. Then just screw the panel back on. Now, unless you have a two-hole shower set-up already in place, this unit will require a replumb, even if you are not setting up the sprayer with it. It is not an either or situation, it requires a separate water feed for both the waterfall and the rain shower, shower heads. Now, no actual water line comes with this unit. You need to supply all of the actual lines to both head units, and then the sprayer unit. We are not fond of the sprayer unit. It is not made up to the same quality as the shower head unit, and main hand control center. Those are done pretty well.

Now, you can forgo the sprayer unit, and attach your tub feed into that port. Then with the switch over switch, it would go from tub to shower, not shower to sprayer. Our main concern with the sprayer is the threaded area where you would attach your water line. It’s plastic, and even with tape, can leak. The shower unit itself uses heavy duty brass fittings. The main unit with the handle, is where you attach the hot to one side, and the cold to the other side. The top feed is where the water comes out and heads to the shower head. You will need to supple your own splitter here, so one mixed feed heads to the rain shower head, and the other mixed temp feed heads to the waterfall feature at the same time. This main unit is heavy duty, solid brass, and made very well. It’s threaded perfectly on ours, and my husband who is in construction, is very happy with it.

They include two drive pins to install the shower head with. These are for a concrete wall install. More than likely you will need to get your own hardware that matches your particular construction setup. Overall, this unit has a very striking look. The majority of it is made well, and out of brass and metal. The oil rubbed bronze finish is really pretty. Mine arrived with no scratches on it. You need to have solid water pressure at your home, or this unit will not be overly enjoyable for you. It puts out a lot of water at one time, so your pressure needs to be pretty darn good. It gives your shower a very modern look, but with a classic color.


I received this for free. It was my personal idea to leave an unbiased and honest review. I was under no obligation to do so.- Votamuta Modern Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Rain Shower Head Faucet Valve Mixer Tap Waterfall & Rain Shower Sprayer Wall Mounted

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Fogless mirror to the rescue. – Innovative Goods’ Modern Man Fog Free Shower and Bathroom Mirror.


My husband and older son are the face shavers in our home. So, having a fog free mirror is always a benefit to them. They can even be handy for non face shavers as well. A fog free mirror lets you check your contacts, or let you tweeze, or apply makeup after a shower. They are handy to have. Since this one, from Modern Man, is mobile, It is a portable mirror as well. You can use it anywhere, in home, and travel with it as well. The mirror itself has a suction cup mount, but it’s a little different to apply. You press the suction base of the mirror against your surface, and then you turn the base a few times, and this creates a really tight suction and firm hold. It does stay up on wet shower walls. The arm is tiny, lol, but it does rotate 360 degrees, so you can easily position the mirror to where you need it, which is pretty handy! The mirror arrives nicely packaged with a film over it. The fogless mirror itself was in great shape upon arrival. It’s a very crisp and clear mirror, even with their special fog free coating. They even included a razor holder free with the mirror. It has regular suction cups. Such a convenient way to store your razor in the shower! I always rest my razor on the side ledge. It always falls and knocks the blade off. So, I have claimed the razor holder for myself, lol. The mirror face is just under 7” across, and the mirror itself is 5 ¾” across. These are my measurements. It really is a great size, and enables you a great view of your face. I’m amazed at how lightweight it is. It comes in at half a pound in weight. It’s pretty durable as well, and won’t break with regular falls. I dropped it on purpose, and it didn’t even flinch. It also fell in the shower, when I hit it while washing my hair, and nothing happened to it at all. I did move it in the shower to where I wouldn’t hit it while washing my hair, and is stuck to my wet shower walls perfectly, and is still sitting there. I took a very long, hot shower, and the mirror did not fog up one bit. The pictures I took were immediately after I turned the water off. This mirror truly does not fog over. I was able to check my contacts after getting water in my eye. It’s crystal clear for my husband when he shaves in the shower. It definitely works as described.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Innovative Goods’ Modern Man Fog Free Shower and Bathroom Mirror.

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Modern look. – BEIYI’s Towel Rail Rack Chrome Polished Stainless Steel Single Bar.



I never really think of updating things like towel bars. But, it is such an affordable and easy way to spruce up your bathrooms. Everything else in a bathroom is so expensive to update, when it comes to fixtures. We are planning on moving, and the home has a half bath in it. This towel bar from BEIYI on Amazon, is perfect for a half bath. I am so excited by it. It is a single towel bar, in that it would nicely hold one bath towel. It can and does hold two hand towels nicely too. I love, love, love the updated modern look of this towel rod. It is really nice looking to me. It is a chrome plated, stainless steel towel rod. It won’t rust on you. They even include all the hardware to mount it. It is lightweight though, which is perfect for me. They are so much easier to hang in awkward spots, if they are lightweight. If you have children that like to hang from your towel bars, this is not for you, lol. This towel bar is rated to hold up to 22lbs. So, a wet towel is fine. Kids, not so much. Of course, it all depends on how well you hang it too. I laugh at this because someone close to me hung her towel holders so well, they pop off the wall regularly, if you are not careful, lol. The towel bar itself measures out at 22 ½” long x just over 3 ¼” deep. The wall plates extend out a little further. This towel bar reminds me of the modern cabinet pulls seen in a lot of house renovations on TV. It’s a great sleek design, that I see will be timeless for our day and age. The guys in my house really like it also. Pay attention when you are mounting it. Remember to place the screw behind the mounting plate that extends through the middle of the plate. This is so you can attach the arm to it. When it arrives, it looks like one solid plate. Push in the center, and it will separate the two halves for you. Mine did not arrive with separate directions, but they have great photos on their ad page if you need it. Overall, I am really excited about this towel bar. It’s made really well. My set up has no flaws whatsoever to it.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: BEIYI’s Towel Rail Rack Chrome Polished Stainless Steel Single Bar.

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The perfect toiletry bag. – Inspire Travel Luggage’s Leak-proof Toiletry Bag.


Large toiletry 2

Most of my toiletries do not have screw on tops. So, once you open them, it’s pretty much impossible to have a secure, leak proof closure of the bottles. I have never found a toiletry case like this one before. I absolutely love it. It has a lift out, fully plastic container/liner inside the case. I have a small cooler like this, and it is such a wonderful feature. I can’t believe more toiletry bags aren’t made like this. Aesthetically, it is pretty sharp looking. I love the all black color, with a powerful hit of an accent color. I received the green color scheme, and I love it. I am a big fan of this bright green color. Both the monogram and the underside of the handle are done in the accent color. The monogram is actually on both sides of the bag. They do not ignore the valuable real estate on the back of the bag like most companies do. There is an identical large zippered pocket with monogram, just like in the front of the bag. The monogram is a T. The other colors available are charcoal, plum, grey, and pink. So, there is something for everyone. It is a very professional looking bag, and can proudly be used on a business trip. I am a stay at home mom due to illness, but I am excited about this this bag for myself. This bag measures 10 inches tall, 9 ½ inches deep and 12 ½ inches long, per my measurements. The inside dimensions of the plastic container measure out at 11 ¼” wide, 5 1/2” deep, and 9 ¼ inches tall. There is a little narrowing as the case goes down. You can easily fit 5 bottles standing up in here, and fill in the space with razors, your brush, comb, make up, essential oils, etc. Then, to top it off there are still the two large full size pockets, on each side of the bag. The bag is nicely lined with waterproof material as well. All of the stitching on my bag was done tight and on point. There was no odor to it upon arrival as well. My 3 zippers all function perfectly. There is nothing I do not love about this bag. It has to be the most usable toiletry bag I have ever seen.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Inspire Travel Luggage’s Leak-proof Toiletry Bag, The Traveler Elite Cosmetic & Toiletry Luggage Case, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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