It’s Space time! – Treepenguin’s Space Exploration Wall Decals.



Years ago, when my older kids were younger, and they wanted to personalize their rooms, that involved wallpaper borders and paint, lol. So, with my youngest, I am loving the new wall decals out on the market now. This set from Treepenguin, on Amazon, is a lot of fun. It is their Space exploration set, and it consists of the nine planets, the sun, stars, spaceships, comets, steroids, and a satellite. I love that the planets are labeled, so you can set them up in an educational manner for your kids. All the pieces do not have to be used either. If your kids are a little older, you do not need to put the spaceships up. Since these are easy decals, you can remove the spaceships as they get older to. These are made out of pre-cut vinyl. It is just peel and stick; so easy. They key is to apply these to clean, smooth surface. I do not have bumpy drywall, so I did not test these on that type of surface. I have regular flat drywall, and these work great on that, glass, mirror, and refrigerator surfaces. The key is to wipe clean the area first. Even your walls. You want to make sure there is no fingerprint, grease or dust residue on the surface. Otherwise, these won’t stick well. I placed a few in our bathroom to test how they did with humidity, and they do great. They have not started to peel off at all. The great thing about them is you can change your mind at any time. They do not cost a lot, and they will not mar your surfaces. These are a no brainer to apply as well. You can lift it up over and over until you get it placed where you need to. Included with this set is even a fun fact sheet about the planets, asteroids, comets, and stars. You can actually educate your child without even knowing that’s what you are up to, lol. It’s a parenting win! The planet vinyls range in size from 3” to 13”. Pluto being the smallest, and Saturn being the largest. So, these are not too big or too small. I am very pleased with this set overall, and really have no complaints.

I received these for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Treepenguin’s Space Exploration Wall Decals.

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If you would like to purchase these decals, they can be found here on Amazon:


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