Fogless mirror to the rescue. – Innovative Goods’ Modern Man Fog Free Shower and Bathroom Mirror.


My husband and older son are the face shavers in our home. So, having a fog free mirror is always a benefit to them. They can even be handy for non face shavers as well. A fog free mirror lets you check your contacts, or let you tweeze, or apply makeup after a shower. They are handy to have. Since this one, from Modern Man, is mobile, It is a portable mirror as well. You can use it anywhere, in home, and travel with it as well. The mirror itself has a suction cup mount, but it’s a little different to apply. You press the suction base of the mirror against your surface, and then you turn the base a few times, and this creates a really tight suction and firm hold. It does stay up on wet shower walls. The arm is tiny, lol, but it does rotate 360 degrees, so you can easily position the mirror to where you need it, which is pretty handy! The mirror arrives nicely packaged with a film over it. The fogless mirror itself was in great shape upon arrival. It’s a very crisp and clear mirror, even with their special fog free coating. They even included a razor holder free with the mirror. It has regular suction cups. Such a convenient way to store your razor in the shower! I always rest my razor on the side ledge. It always falls and knocks the blade off. So, I have claimed the razor holder for myself, lol. The mirror face is just under 7” across, and the mirror itself is 5 ¾” across. These are my measurements. It really is a great size, and enables you a great view of your face. I’m amazed at how lightweight it is. It comes in at half a pound in weight. It’s pretty durable as well, and won’t break with regular falls. I dropped it on purpose, and it didn’t even flinch. It also fell in the shower, when I hit it while washing my hair, and nothing happened to it at all. I did move it in the shower to where I wouldn’t hit it while washing my hair, and is stuck to my wet shower walls perfectly, and is still sitting there. I took a very long, hot shower, and the mirror did not fog up one bit. The pictures I took were immediately after I turned the water off. This mirror truly does not fog over. I was able to check my contacts after getting water in my eye. It’s crystal clear for my husband when he shaves in the shower. It definitely works as described.

I received this, at a discount, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Innovative Goods’ Modern Man Fog Free Shower and Bathroom Mirror.

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