Chemical free pest deterrent. – Ivation’s Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Indoor Plug-in Pest Repeller.


I am a real fan of this ultrasonic/ electromagnetic pest controller. We have been using devices like this one for about two years now. They really do work. I was really excited to be able to review Ivation’s Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic one. I have had nothing but luck with their electronic products to date. The price point of their product hasn’t made a difference either. This particular unit from Ivation has the variable option, which I really like. Studies have shown that pests can get used to one signal, and they will eventually come back in. With the variable, you have a better chance to make the big bad bugs stay away. If you already have some fixed pest control units, rotate them through the home with a variable one like this, in its place. On each side of this unit is a switch. One side has the option to use the night light, or to not use the night light. The light is a red LED. It does not get hot in use, and is very quiet to run. I like the variable setting. This is what I like to use when available. You need to place this on an outside wall, in order to have it be able to keep bugs out of the home. It sends the pulses throughout the wall via the wiring and pipes. This particular unit can ward off pests for approximately 5000 sq. feet. I have no way to est that. I do not live in a house that large, lol. I do however place more than one in my home. I hate bugs, and rather have more than one. My mom could not stop getting palmetto bugs and little ants in her home. Her home is very clean, and up on stilts, lol. Poison sprays and traps didn’t help. We noticed a huge difference after we started using deices like this. I will always use them now. I have a son I do not want to use a lot of poisons around. I am deathly allergic to everything, so these are so much better for me as well. The ultra high frequencies are inaudible to people as well as your pests. Since there are no chemicals, this is also so much safer to have around your pets as well. It measures out at 3” wide and deep, and 5” long. It is a regular two prong plug as well. I am liking this one a lot. I like the power and range it has. I love how easy it is to set. You don’t have to go through a serious of steps to use the variable setting. I have others that you do, if you unplug it for a bit, to use the outlet for cleaning purposes, etc. I absolutely recommend this product.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.: Ivation’s Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Indoor Plug-in Pest Repeller with Built in Night Light

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