The clearest portable projector! – iProjector’s Syhonic S70GP 1080P Full HD LCD LED Mini Portable Multimedia Home Theater Projector.


Projectors are a lot of fun. My husband is like a kid in a candy store when I mention the word projector. He just loves them. So, I am obviously not new to projectors. They are a fun addition to any family. I was really excited to be able to try this one from Syhonic. It’s a really nice projector, and so easy to operate. Instructions are included with this unit, and it’s only a fold out pamphlet. But, it really isn’t needed. The chart that lets you know what some of the buttons on the remote are for, is pretty handy though. Directions aren’t really needed because the menu screen on the projector is very clear to navigate through. That alone equals love to me, lol. You can be brand new to operating a projector, and be fine using this one.

Syhonic 1

This projector comes with: 1 lens cap, 1 HDMI cord, 1 Power Cable, 1 instruction pamphlet, One 3-in 1 AV Cable, and 1 Remote Control. The controller needs 2 AAA batteries to operate, and they are not included. No worries, you can operate the projector just as easily without the remote. The operational buttons are all located on top of the projector. The headphone port and SD card slot are on the side of the projector. The 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 1 AV port, 1 VGA port, and 1 TV input port (RF connection) are on the back of the projector. The IR for the remote is also located on the left side of the back of the projector. There is a dial to tune in your focus on the top of the projector, as well. Underneath the projector you will find 1 leveling leg. Just unscrew it until you reach the height it needs.

The remote is so easy to use as well. Make sure you are aiming towards the IR on the back of the projector, though. You can turn it on and off, and run through all the functions with the remote. The menu button is actually clearly labeled on the remote as well. Once you turn on your projector, press the menu button. You will see the choices clearly labeled for you. I love this. Once you pick your category, just follow through the menu options. It’s that simple. It amazes me that there is even a TV tuner with this projector. You will need to connect it to a digital antenna though to pick up a channel. This unit can operate in 12 different Country languages. The remote, however, has English printed on some of the buttons. The size of the projector is great. It measured out at 7 ¾” long, 3 ¼” thick, and 6 ¼” deep, for me. We like to play movies through our. That is mostly what we use projectors for, that nd pictures. You can plug right into your computer to play them, use a USB stick, or a micro SD or SD card, to do so. If you use a micro SD card, you need to use a SD card adapter to do so. That is what we have been doing. It did not like one of our generic SD card adapters. It wouldn’t allow the volume to come through. It did however, work perfectly with other adapters of ours. When you use the SD card, you have to slide it in upside. I found that so funny. It won’t even begin to fit in the other way either. The volume isn’t the loudest on this projector. Is it loud enough to hear, yes. It might not be if you are outside, or have noisy children though. No worries, you can hook it up to an external speaker for added listening power, if needed. We did not need to in home. I cannot get over the picture on this thing. It is clear, and it is bright. This projector boasts 1200 lumens and you can tell. We have had projectors that did not have that many lumens, and you couldn’t get a big enough picture with it, for good viewing. This is a 1080P Full HD projector. The picture is large and it is crystal clear. You will absolutely love it, we sure do!

As an example on how easy this projector is to operate, I will write out the steps:

1.       Power on, and then press the Menu button.

2.       Press the arrow button until the Movie Section is highlighted, then press the OK button.

Syhonic 4

3.       Now you will see a section named C, press the OK button.

4.       Now, scroll to your desired movie, and press the OK button.

5.       It will then start loading, and will go onto play your movie.

That is how simple it is to do any of the actions. I love how you can attach this to so many devices. You pretty have any venue at your fingertips with this projector. As a media projector, this is wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

I was afforded the opportunity to review iProjector’s Syhonic S70GP 1080P Full HD LCD LED Mini Portable Multimedia Home Theater Projector, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

If you would like to purchase this amazing projector, they can be found here on Amazon:

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