This will definitely illuminate the night. – LingsFire Zoomable Beam 1800 Lumens T6 LED Rechargeable Headlamp.


Have you ever noticed how happy and familiar a place can be during the day time. And then, when night time arrives that same place seems formidable. I know my son lives by that creedo, lol. Another thing that rings true are emergencies. They seem to always occur at night time. Any emergency too, be it a major storm, accident or illness. I live in an area where by day, it’s like any other neighborhood. By night time, there are a ton of wild animals that like to come out. In any of these instances, having a light source is imperative. Having a hands free light source can be extra handy too. And sometimes, you just need a little extra light. This is a very bright and convenient set. I am thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review LingsFire Zoomable Beam 1800 Lumens T6 LED Rechargeable Headlamp in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In the package you will get the headlamp, a car charger, a plug in wall charger, a micro USB charging cord and 2 18650 – 3600mAh Rechargeable batteries. This light is very durable too. The light casing is made out of aircraft quality aluminum.
The first thing you need to do when your package arrives is install the batteries into the headlamp. They go into the compartment on the back of the headlamp. The outside of the compartment states LED Headlamp. This strip glows read when the headlamp is on. There is a little piece of rubber on the side of this compartment. Just move it to the side and attach whatever charging cord you need. I was home and used the wall charger. After a while, I unhooked the charger and started using the headlamp. It takes about 5-7 hours to charge fully drained batteries. These came with a little charge on them. The strap is adjustable. It’s very easy to do. The strap itself is a thick and durable nylon strap. It’s nice and soft against your skin too. The light is pretty heavy duty. There is a plastic plate behind it holding it stable and in place. The light itself is moveable though. It can be tilted up and down. It’s a little effort to do, but it needs to be so it stays in place where you need it to. This light is also waterproof. There is also a strap that runs across the top of your head. This strap is also easily adjustable. The plate on the back of the battery compartment rests on the back of your head. It is soft though, because it’s a soft silicone material.
This headlamp when on full is 1600Lumens. It’s amazing how bright they can make lights nowadays using LED’s. The glass lens is rounded. This helps amplify the light. There are three modes to this flashlight. The first push is full on, the second push is low. This is also pretty bright. The third push is your strobe function to get attention for help. It can be rather blinding and could confuse a would be attacker. The button is on the top of the light itself. It’s very easy to locate by feel. This is also a focusing light. To focus the light , you turn the outer case of the light to the left. I took a picture with it focused all the way out. If you are out walking outside and you are trying to figure out if that thing crossing the street is a snake or a stick, focus this light in and you will be able to see that it is indeed is a rattlesnake. That happened to me and my husband. We have deer, bear, and bobcats out and about after hours. There have also been gators. I’d rather not run into any of them, so if we walk at dusk or at night, we always bring a bright light source. This headlamps is fantastic because it leaves your hands available if needed. It also lets your hands free to hold hands with your certain someone. Using a headlamp is also perfect for working. My husband is a commercial electrician. They are in tight and confined spaces a lot. Since they are doing the wiring, there is no light source. My husband relies on a headlamp to get a lot of his work done. Having a car charger and a Micro USB charger is perfect to help recharge this light when he’s on the go like this. I love that there are three ways to charge this light. The versatility in charging makes this light the perfect light to take on the road. You’ll be amazed how bright this light is and the great area it covers. It will definitely be easier to figure out where that noise came from in the middle of the night with this headlamp, that’s for sure.

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