This will brighten your way. – Nilight’s 240w Super Spot 80 LED Light Bar.


My guys are outdoorsy kind of guys. I have an older son, as well as my husband, who are both not only commercial electricians, but love outdoor sports and hunting. We have become quite fond of the Nilight products. I am so happy that I was afforded the opportunity to review Nilight’s 240w Super Spot 80 Light Bar LED Off Road Fog Hyper Beam 4×4 Racing, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This massive light arrives as shown, and very well packaged. In your package you will get 1 light and 2 brackets and hardware for installation. The hardware is not stainless, so I would recommend switching it out to avoid future rusting. We live by the coast, and that’s a necessity for us.

You will need to splice in additional wire for installation. The amount, of course, will depend on your vehicle, and how you plan to install it. The LED lights are fantastic. They are super bright, clear white lights. They’re awesome. The sheer size alone of this light, really adds to the beast value of your vehicle. Vehicle without this bar, meh. Vehicle with this bar light, Beast. Yep, that’s how it is. And, it obviously adds more than a great aesthetic quality to your truck, it adds light than can benefit you greatly. Either for work or play. Sometimes my husband’s work sites, are just not lit enough. They are the ones wiring the new building, but they can only bring so many work lights to the site. This light really lights up an area. In this light you get 80, 3W LEDs, for a total of 240 Watts of LED power. It’s bright, bright, bright. They will last for approx. 30,000 hours of light too. That’s a lot of light. These lights are tough. They can handle the vibrations from road travel, and off road travel. They are waterproof and rustproof, and dustproof. You shouldn’t get any water condensation build up behind the glass either. Nilight uses Cree LEDs. My husband and I are very partial to Cree LEDs. They tend to be brighter, and clearer than others. That has been our personal experience. And LEDs are so durable. They can really handle what the road can throw at them. This light bar is 46 1/2″ long, and 5.1 inches tall. It’s depth is approx. 5.1 inches also. That is one great light, and should span your vehicle nicely. I am really happy with this lights quality, brightness, and durability. I most definitely recommend this product.

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