This is a little box of wonders – Number One-Shop’s Portable Lightweight Survival Emergency Radio.


My family and I really believe in being prepared. My husband has a military background, and I have a nursing background. Because of our experiences, we feel we need to provide for our family in case of an emergency. Part of being prepared is to make sure you have a radio. Needless to say, I was just thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Number One-Shop’s Portable Lightweight Green DE13 FM AM SW Survival Emergency Radio Crank Dynamo Solar Power World Receiver with Cell Phone MP3 MP4 Charger and LED Flashlight and Hand Generator  in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In this package you will get one solar radio, 1 wrist strap, 1 USB power cord, and 1 instruction pamphlet.
When your radio arrives, you will need to pull the protective film off of the solar panel. This radio has so many power sources. That alone is an invaluable feature. It has a hand crank option, the solar panel option, the included Ni-MH battery power option, the charge via USB adapter option, and the 3 AAA battery option. You need to provide your own AAA batteries. Go ahead and attach your radio to the included charging cord, and attach it to a USB power source. If you are facing the front of the radio, the charging ports are located in the right side of the radio. In this section there is also a 3.5mm aux port, and a USB port, so you can charge your radio, or flashlight, or whatever you need from this radio’s power source. The hand crank is on the back of the radio. Also on the back of the radio is the battery compartment for the Ni-MH battery pack. The compartment for the AAA batteries is underneath the batteries. No tools are needed for either battery compartment. On the left side of the radio you will see the LED lights, or flashlight. The controls for the flashlight and alarm noise is on the top of the radio. They share a switch. You can only operate one at a time. You can either push the switch to the left to turn on the flashlight, which is pretty bright, to the immediate right of the off switch is the red alert light. This is the center LED of the flashlight. It flashes red. To the far right, sets of the very loud siren alarm. You might not want to try this in the house, especially if there’s little children in the room. You might scare them. The telescoping antennae can be found on the top of the radio also. This will obviously help you locate a signal. Also on the top of the radio is the solar panel, and the power option switch. You can choose to charge an item, or use a particular battery source, like battery or Ni-MH. The radio controls, and choice of band width are located on the front side of the radio. This may be a very portable size, but it is packed with a lot of features. I was able to pick up FM right away. I live by a military base, and a lot of what we can get signal wise is not as free flowing as any where else. They block a lot. They even control how many cell phone towers can go up around here. I rely on WIFI, unfortunately. On the front of the radio is the volume knob, you just turn it to operate it. The channel finder knob is located on the left side of the radio. This is also a turning knob. When you are in the house, you may need to move your radio close to a window with the antennae all the way up. This will increase your chances of getting a stronger signal. Besides FM, you can choose from MW, SW1, and SW2. After going back and forth, without the antennae up, I was able to pull up a station of=n the other bands as well. This little radio can get pretty loud too. I wasn’t expecting that, lol. I am highly impressed with this little wonder. It meets so many needs in an emergency.

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