These Soleeze spring loaded shoe inserts truly afford long term relief. They’re amazing.

I have a 20 year old son who is a commercial electrician apprentice. He is up on his feet all day. He has gone through many dozens of shoe inserts. He can never find any to last or help. I gave these Soleeze inserts to him hoping they would help with support. My son does not skimp on shoes either. He wears expensive Red Wings. I was so excited to see a shoe insert with springs. The main issue he has had with shoe inserts, is that they lose their support almost immediately. If you spend 12 long hours on your feet, including and not limited to jumping down from platforms, and ladders, you’ll tend to flatten out those supportive inserts. He has even used another named brand very expensive shoe insert. He loves them, but can only use them sparingly because otherwise, they only last a week.
I took a picture before putting them into his boots. I tried to get a picture that actually showed the depth of the heel. These are amazing. I just stood on them by themselves, and you can completely feel the foot support. These are definitely for foot support, not just arch support. My son wears a men’s size 10. I gave him the woman’s’ that would fit a man to a size 10. They work perfectly in his boots. He didn’t have to do any finagling.
My son stated they gave him incredible foot support all day. There has been no diminishing in support with hard daily work use. They have helped with foot and leg fatigue, allowing more energy throughout the day. He also stated they do help with shock absorption a lot. His boots are heavy duty work boots, and he puts them through heavy work. They were a noticeable help to him when jumping down and while carrying heavy loads. He was hesitant about trying a new pair of inserts, stated he had actually given up on them until now. He’s too young to give up. I’m so relived he has found relief with these shoe inserts.
I am absolutely beyond thrilled that I was sent these by Soleeze for the purpose of inspection and an unbiased and honest review.
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