The perfect camera for fun and entertaining. – Polaroid’s Snap Digital Camera with Zink, Zero Ink Printing Technology.


I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Polaroid’s Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package You will receive 1 camera, 1 wrist strap, and 1 micro USB cord. You can go to their website and download the full user instructions for this camera. I received it in white, but it is available in three other colors.

This camera has a lot of features, and is actually fun to use. It is more like a toy, but with the added fun of photos as a result. It makes you think creatively, which is great. You even have a photo booth mode. I am thrilled by that. If you hold the shutter button for 3 seconds, it will take 6 consecutive shots in 10 seconds. This camera doesn’t even take batteries. It charges via a micro USB cable. Which is so easy to do now that there are adapters and USB ports everywhere. The way it prints is fascinating too. It uses a new inkless technology, called ZINK technology. You need to order your own film, known come with the camera. Make sure you order Polaroid 2”x3” Premium Zink Paper Film. The packs inside the box are actually sealed and separated into packs of 10. There is also a card inside the box, it is blue and has barcodes on it. Place the entire film pack and the card into the camera. The card goes in first, barcodes down, so the camera can read them. Then close the hatch. Do not open it again, until the 10 sheets of film have been used. Don’t overexpose the film to light before putting them into the camera too, like I did. I figured out that’s what happened with my first batch of pictures, lol. Put your paper in the camera in a darker room. Another fun feature you can add to your pictures is a photo frame. It will have the white frame like the older instant polaroid pictures had. I love it.  This film paper is also a sticker if you want it to be. The back peels off, and it holds really, really well. The paper is smudge proof, and hard to tear. It’s actually a great quality photo paper. You can do all kinds of crafts, parties, and quick memory moments with this camera. It is a 10 megapixel camera. The photos are actually pretty clear, but I think that’s because of the size of the photos. You can choose from three different color schemes of your photos too, and all with a simple press of a button. You can choose from sepia, black and white and full color. The black and white is really nice. I’m surprised how much I love it, but I do. There is a port on the underside of the camera for a tripod, and there is even a self-timer button to take advantage of that. Everything on this camera is so easy to operate. They really simplified this for everyone’s skill factors. The lens cap is even simple. It’s magnetic. You can’t accidently take a picture and waste your pictures when the lens cap is on. I like that feature. It’s a great camera, I love it. It’s for fun, and it is fun. It is definitely the camera to take to events, and parties. It’s the camera to take out when friends are over, or to make your child smile. I am very comfortable recommending this camera.

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