Silicone bling. – Mens’ Silicone Rings by Rain Alley.


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Silicone has become such a wildly used material, and not just for plastic surgery, lol. It has made its’ way into all venues, and fashion is one of them. When I think of jewelry, I never really think of silicone. But, low and behold, silicone has really made its’ mark in the ring arena. My husband is a commercial electrician, so These rings can be a great, safe alternative for him and his guys to wear on the job. Women never really like it when their guys take their wedding ring off for activities and work, so this set could alleviate that anxiety. These are great if you are heavy into sports or water related activities as well. You won’t have to worry about ruining your jewelry wearing these. This is a set of 5. The colors included are red, blue, grey, green, and black. They are currently offering them in sizes 8 – 12; no half sizes currently. They are very soft to the touch, like I am used to with silicone. They are thick and durable though. You will be hard pressed to hurt these rings unless you actually try to. Silicone is great around electricity, for electricians. It’s a much safer alternative to a metal ring, for sure. It does not naturally harbor fungus, bacteria, or mold either. A great over all material choice. I like the fun vibrant colors. You can even throw them on a chain and wear them on a necklace. The rings are not marked on the inside with what size they are, but they do have the name Rain Alley, on the inside of them. I ordered the size 10, but they are definitely smaller. I have a ring sizer from a Jewelry Store, and the set I received actually are a sz 8. So, they did not fit my husband in the least, unfortunately. The rings arrive in a nice jewelry box, so they would make a nice gift, in that sense. Unfortunately, I do not know if I was sent the wrong size, or if they just run small. Since I received them for review, I did not return them. I would suggest ordering up, and then go from there if the size was off. Fortunately these are fulfilled on Amazon, and they are very easy to work with.

I received this product for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – Mens’ Silicone Wedding Ring by Rain Alley, Premium Quality Silicone Material, 5 Rings Pack.

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