These keep your eyes dry. – Bezzee-Pro’s Swimming Goggles with FREE Stylish Case – Ear Plugs & Nose Clip.


UV protection

The first impression I had when my new goggles, was,”Oooh, how fancy.” I mean, wow, the case itself is so impressive. I have never had a pair of swim googles come with a case like this before. It is durable, zippers shut, and really provides protection for your lenses. There is even a clip attached to the case, so you can clip it to your bag, and go. That is great if you are heading out to the beach, pool, or lake. When you open the case, you will see that these swim goggles from Bezzee-Pro, also include ear plugs and a nose clip, in the case. The ear plugs are loose in the case, so be careful they don’t fall out when you open it. The nose clip is something I never had the need to use, but if you need one, it works well. It definitely clips the nose shut, and holds in place very well. It didn’t hurt my nose either, which made me very relieved. The ear plugs remind me of some of the ones I can buy at our local hardware stores. They clean and dry off easily. I ordered the goggles in black, but they are also available in 4 other colors. These goggles are really impressive. They quality is apparent when you hold them. The craftsmanship is there. I love the adjustable strap. It is both easy to adjust and put on. It actually has a button clip on it. You can easily put them on and off. No more pulling them over your hair. I have long hair and have pulled a lot of it out, using goggles. Being able to open it up, makes a big difference. And, it is so easy to do yourself too. The lenses on the glasses are 100% UV protected. They are also very clear, anti-fog, and shatterproof lenses. The strap is made out of silicone, and quite durable. These goggles really create a tight seal around your eye sockets. I wear contacts and can’t go underwater without goggles. If I do, it’s always a risk of losing a contact. So, I am very picky about my swim goggles. I did notice, with these goggles, that if you have a very narrow arrow between your eyes, a narrow face, you may have trouble getting a tight seal on the outer edge of each eye socket. They tend to be on the wider side, in this regard. I find this on a lot of goggles though, so not new to me. I have to make them tight, and make sure of the seal before heading underwater. The nose piece is very flexible, which allows you to get a more customized fit. So far, so good, with these goggles. I am very happy with the construction, the quality. These are a solid pair of swimming goggles.

I was afforded the opportunity to review this product, for free, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review: Bezzee-Pro’s Swimming Goggles with FREE Stylish Case – Ear Plugs & Nose Clip.

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