Summer is almost here. – Norty’s Wave Childrens Kids Aqua Socks.


Summertime is coming, and my son is getting excited about the beach. He was so looking forward to these shoes. Unfortunately, they did not fit. I had a very pouty boy on my hands. He wears a sz. 4 shoe, and has room in them, but these are definitely smaller! So unfortunate. I like how these water shoes have the toe areas slightly molded into them. It makes for a more natural footing. Inside, if you feel into the tow area, it feels smooth, but the toe area is wide for a natural foot, instead of pushing the toes together like most shoes. They do have a couple styles and many colors available to suit toddlers up to a child’s sz4 shoe. These have the usual black rubber sole, for great footing. They upper is a combination of mesh and Neoprene. The stitching was done alright. It’s not the best, but definitely serves its function. The Velcro piece is approx.. 1 ¾” long and ¾”s of an inch wide, at the widest point. I wish this was a tad larger. These also run a little narrow, so if you have to pull this across the top of the foot, it may not hold. I like how the rubber of the sole, curls up over the tips of the toes. It really helps to protect their little tippies from rocks. Neoprene is a highly durable material, and dries quickly. That’s why it’s the material of choice for water shoes. There is a little loop on the back of the shoe. My son really likes the style of the shoe, and is upset they do not fit. I recommend ordering a size up, and you should be happy with them.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Norty’s Wave Childrens Kids Aqua Socks Pool Beach Water Shoes, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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