Still fits your cup holders. – GLO Handle For 30 Oz YETI Rambler and more.


Ironically, I recently had the chance to review a handle for my 30oz Yeti tumbler. When this one from Grab Life Outdoors on Amazon, came up, I was highly intrigued, and highly skeptical. This handle has no bottom support for the handle itself. I thought, no way is this going to work well. No way would it not be bendy. Well, let me tell you what, this handle proved me wrong 100%. Kudos to the handle. This is one tough and ridged handle. It has not even flexed on me. They made this tumbler handle out of BPA free, food grade Nylon. I do have kitchen cooking tools made out of that material as well. And they really have held up.  So, I am very familiar with it. This handle is easy to clean and keep clean. It really doesn’t show any fingerprints. It stays a consistent temperature and has always been comfortable to hold and use. It’s easy to grasp onto as well. You do not need a large hand to hold onto it comfortable. On the flip side, a larger man’s hand still has a comfortable grip on it as well. What I really like about this style of tumbler handle, is that I can still use it on the go in my car’s cup holders. They are pretty deep, and the double wrap around style handle needs to come off before placing my cup in the cup holder. If you have strength issues and already struggle with the 30oz Yeti when it’s full, this handle does add a little bit of weight to it. In case that is a concern for you. On the upside of that, the grip on the actual cup is easier with the handle on it, so that may make this still beneficial for you. I love how durable it is. Once you slide it onto your cup, and lift your cup up with it, it really holds in place well. It does not slide down at all. I always fill my cup to the top with ice, and then add my beverage. So, even fully weighted with liquid and ice, the handle stands true. You can run it through the dishwasher, however, I hand wash everything anyhow. I am very comfortable recommending this product. It’s a great benefit to the cup.

I received this in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. – GLO Handle For 30 Oz YETI Rambler Tumblers, RTIC, SIC Cup, Ozark Trail And More.

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