Soft and relaxing 1800 Thread Count Microfiber Sheet Sets by Olivia Branch.


It’s hard to find thick sheets nowadays. I hate getting a new pair, and then when you open the package, the material is so thin. I have even had one pair actually get bald patches after their first washing. I was very, very pleased to find a quality sheet set when I opened this package. I was afforded the opportunity to review Olivia Branch’s 1800 Prime Collection Bed Sheet Set in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. I received the set in blue. It’s a light, bright color that reminds me of summer and the beach. Blue is also known to be more soothing and relaxing, which is perfect for the bedroom. They do offer these sheets in 12 different colors. I’m impressed by the selection choices.
In the queen size sheet set you will get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two standard pillow cases. These pillow cases are roomy. They also have pretty satin stripes down the sides by the opening. The sheets fit up to a 16″ deep mattress. That should pretty much cover most mattresses. They do recommend machine washing in cold water, and to tumble dry on low. Do not use fabric softener on these sheets. It can affect the color of the sheets. These are 1800 thread count, microfiber sheets. The stitching is done well. I yanked and tugged, and everything held up well. They are very soft, which is greatly appreciated in a sheet set. The pillowcases have a feature I just love. They have that flap you tuck the pillow under. That way your pillow case doesn’t slide off while you’re in bed. I absolutely hate when my pillowcase keeps sliding off my pillow.
I washed and dried the sheets to test out the wrinkle free claim. The third photo shows what they looked liked when they were done. They weren’t very wrinkly but not completely wrinkle free. I even stopped the dryer and took them out immediately. Very few things are truly wrinkle fee though, so I think they did very well.
They are priced very competitively and I feel comfortable in recommending this product.

To purchase these sheets, go here to Amazon: Enter code: 7EDTTAR4P for a 10% discount, exp. 4/17/2015

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