So many LED lights, and too much fun with these Odema’s Unisex Women Men USB Charging LED Sport Shoes.


These shoes are absolutely amazing. And I am not sugar coating anything. When you buy a pair of shoes like this, you buy them for the fun factor. The fun factor is at the top of the chart with these shoes. I am just thrilled that I was afforded the opportunity to review Odema’s Unisex Women Men USB Charging LED Sport Shoes Flashing Sneakers, at a reduced cost, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package you will get 1 pair of shoes, and one dual head micro USB charging cord.
When your shoes arrive, go ahead and plug them into charge. The port is inside the shoe, right at the inner side, by the last shoe lace hole. No show socks are harder in a shoe like this, because the port will rub on your foot. My son just pulled up the sock, to cover that part of his foot, and then he said they were comfortable. And he’s 8 and only like highly comfortable things, lol. So, I know he’s not fibbing. I ordered the black ones sized 5.5/4, and they fit him as expected. These are a true medium width. His foot is on the wider side, but they aren’t wide, and he does not have an issue with these shoes at all. I was relieved because he really wanted to try these shoes. They are made out of pleather. It is thick, but soft and flexible, so they are easy to walk in. All the stitching was done very well. The soles are sealed up well along the shoe to protect the LEDs. The shoes arrived in perfect condition. There was no odor whatsoever associated with these shoes. There is an arch built into this shoe, but it is a smaller one. I was expecting no arch, so I was very happy there was one. This style shoe is notorious for no arches. These are unisex shoes. By each female measurement they give you the equivalent male measurement. I’m happy to tell you, it is very accurate too. They also have these shoes available in white. While they are charging, the lights will be red. The LED lights will go off after they are fully charged. The control button is just underneath the charging port, so it’s quickly accessible. You have to move through all of the cycles to turn the shoes off. You have 7 solid color cycles, and the 8th is flashing white, the 9th is slowly moving through all the colors, the 10th is a faster moving through the colors, the 11th is a mixture of slow and fast movement of all the colors, and the 12th is off. So there are 11 cycles of lights with these shoes. They are really too much fun, so easy to charge, and use. These are great for everyday wear, party time, and just because. Since you have the option of having lights on or not, you can just enjoy. And since there are USB adapters everywhere now, they are easy to charge, even from your car. They are a quality shoe that  my son is absolutely loving. I am very comfortable recommending them.

If you would like to purchase these, they can be bought here on Amazon: //

USB 1 USB 2 USB 3 USB 4 USB 5 USB 6 USB 7 USB 8 USB 9 USB 11 USB 12 USB 13

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