Simply elegant. – OMyTea’s Portable Travel Tea Set – 100% Handmade.


When you think of tea, you never really think of travel and tea in the same thought process. I am so impressed by this tea set. You can actually make your special teas while traveling, and make it feel like you are having high tea, lol. You will definitely feel special drinking out of this tea set. It is quite impressive. This OMyTeas’ Travel Tea Set comes with its own storage/travel bag, 2 teacups, 1 teapot with attached lid, bamboo serving tray, and serving mat. All you have to supply is hot water and tea leaves. You can even use loose tea leaves with this set. The serving spout is slotted, so you can pour the tea without the leaves going into your cup. This set is handmade, and it’s gorgeous. I can’t express enough how pretty it is. It’s like a piece of art. The tea cups are small. You can even drink your espresso out of them. The teapot’s lid is attached by a cord with beautiful beads on it. It’s stunning. You will need to use the cloth to help you handle the pot at first. The teapot and cups are made out of porcelain. So, they do get hot to the touch. I love hot tea, and can handle the cups. I would, however, use the cloth to help you hold the pot to pour it, when you first serve your tea. It will cool down over time. I love the rich black color, but they even offer it in a light green and white.

The case is thick and sturdy, and is filled with thick foam. The cut outs are there for the two teacups and the teapot. There is a netted pocket on the inside of the lid, and the tray just lies on top of the teapot area. The zipper on the bag works really well, and the bag has a long wrist strap type handle on it. This is one of those treasured items that you take really great care of and use for years. It’s a beautiful set.

I was afforded the opportunity to review OMyTea’s Portable Travel Tea Set – 100% Handmade Chinese / Japanese Vintage Kungfu Gongfu Tea Set, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

If you would like to purchase this set, you can find it here on Amazon:

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