Private moments and self indulgence. – Spa Fairy’s Bath Bombs Gift Set


I am a mom of three. And I had them spaced out. I rarely get a moment to myself to relax. Normally, relaxing time, equals bedtime. That’s really not the same thing, lol. I homeschool my youngest, and I do work from home on my computer. So many people are like me and just don’t get time for themselves. Something like this, makes what would just be time to clean myself, into a time to indulge myself moment. I was very fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to review Spa Fairy’s Bath Bombs in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. You will receive 1 guide to show you how to take time for yourself so you can enjoy your bath, 6 labeled bath bombs, and 1 reusable storage tin. The relaxation instruction crack me up. I really loved reading it.

There are six bath bombs. Each one is different, and has a different name. These are all nut based products, so if you have a nut allergy, these are not for you. Each bath bomb shares the same basic ingredients. These ingredients are: ” Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and 7 other moisturizing oils.”  Where they differ is the essential oils. Each one has a different recipe of organic essential oils in it. Essential oils are so healthy for you. These bath bombs will not only stimulate your brain, but the antioxidants, vitamins and proteins in the ingredients will nourish your skin. You will actually be doing something healthy for yourself beyond relaxing. These bath bombs are labeled rejoice, relax, rekindle, repair, relieve and revive. When you finally carve out time for yourself to use one of these. Fill the tub with warm water, get in, and then release the bomb. I just dropped it out of the cellophane bag it was in. It instantly starts to fizz and bubble. That lasts until it is dissolved. It only take a couple minutes, if that. You immediately smell the essential oils. I think grabbing the love of your life, and soaking in the tub with them and a bath bomb, would be the ultimate relaxing experience. With the great presentation these make in the gift tin, it makes for a wonderful present. You could even break them apart and give them to coworkers. These really are a healthy and soothing product. You have to try one to believe it.

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