Perfect for older kids. – Deals With Service’s 25 Easter Eggs Filled.


Easter is definitely a time for family, religion, and celebration. Kids look forward to Easter year round too. It also becomes a fun time to share the moment with friends and family. These eggs can be used for all of that. You do get 25 eggs in your package, but I did not have multiple candies in any egg, unless they meant the one package that had a few in them, lol. You may or may not get candy that state Easter on them, otherwise, the plain ones can be used for hunt games for children who do not celebrate the actual Easter holiday. I only received 1 specific candy that stated Easter on it. Most were plain candies. The majority of my candies were also hard candies, like a single mint. I think these are much better for older children, otherwise they could be a choking hazard. Which, I’m pretty sure no one wants. You could sprinkle these around your office place to add fun to the work day. Or the Easter bunny can just leave them in your childrens’ baskets. This is an easy, ready to go set of eggs. If you are extremely busy, and have older kids, then this set is easy for you and will help you out with your limited time. Mine were all clean, and had sealed candies in them. They are not from a nut, or tree nut free, or dairy free facility. So, if your children have these allergies, these are not for you. I have some of these allergies, and could never try these myself. Even though they have some toys in their ad pictures, these are strictly candy filled eggs. The good thing is, these eggs are reusable too. So you can keep the fun going the next year.

I was afforded the opportunity to review Deals With Service’s 25 Easter Eggs Filled with 25 Different Candy for Your Easter Hunt, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. These eggs arrive in simple packaging as shown.

If you would like to purchase these eggs, they can be found here on Amazon:

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