One wonderful pan to cook on. – Ozeri’s Green Earth Pan.


I pretty much do all of the cooking in my home. I have numerous life threatening allergies, especially to many foods, preservatives, and artificial flavorings and ingredients. In other words, I have to make everything from scratch. My cooking tools are extremely important t me. I have no time to bother with inferior products. I was just thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to review Ozeri’s Green Earth Pan in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.

This is a really neat pan. I have had stainless steel, iron, and non stick, but this is my first ceramic coated pan I have owned. This is a 10″ pan. The sides are pretty high too which is great for family cooking. The ceramic coating is a Greblon ceramic coating made in Germany. There are no harmful metals or chemicals involved in it. It is free of PTFE and PFOA. This coating is  a non stick coating too. This ceramic coating is also scratch resistant. The handle has a silicone coating. This makes it easy to hold on to. Silicone has a high heat resistant value to it, 450 degrees F. This is induction oven safe. There is a beehive pattern to the coating. This actually gives an elevated surface causing air pockets which help to distribute the heat throughout the pan and the food. You can actually easily cook an omelet easily in this pan. The same goes for pancakes, steaks, burgers and so on. It’s wonderful.

This pan is also very easily to clean. As with non stick pans, I always use non abrasive soaps and sponges, and utensils. They even include a thick felt pan liner to ensure your pan’s life longevity. This pan is solid. It should last a long time. You really can’t beat a well made pan in the kitchen. It really makes cooking easier and faster. This pan is now one of my favorites.

To purchase this pan, it can be found here at Sears:

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