Nothing beats chillin with your BarSpout’s TOP RATED Beer Chiller Cooler Sticks.


I would say summer time is coming, and these will be perfect, but, we have been using chiller sticks year round. We like icy cold drinks. These sticks are so easy to use too. We store our in the freezer and just grab one when we want to use one. I am very happy with the quality of these BarSpout’s Chiller Cooler Sticks. They are thick and sturdy, and fit a regular beer, or glass soda bottle, perfectly. You get two in this package. They are made out of Austenetic Stainless Steel, which just means that there is a “solid solution of carbon in a nonmagnetic form of iron.” This just means that it’s frame stays stable at extreme temperatures as well. There is a seal on the underside lip of the chiller stick. It forms a great seal, and you will not have your drink leak out from underneath it. I spill enough on my own. So, I would never use anything that’s going to spill for me, lol.

You can place them into the freezer prior to using them. You do not need to leave them in the freezer like I do. Place them in the freezer at least 45 minutes prior to needing them. When you place these into your drinks, make sure you take a few sips of the drink first. Otherwise, the drinks tend to overflow with the introduction of these ice cold chiller sticks, and fast too. Let’s say you took your drink out, took a couple sips, that got busy on a call. Your drink gets warm. So, just throw one of these into your drink, and within approx. 6 minutes, your drink will definitely be cooler again. These sticks will also lengthen the amount of time your drink will be cool. That is why I like them. I am a sipper, and I like cold drinks only. This is the best way to keep a drink cooler without icing it down and diluting it. No, these chiller sticks to not change the flavor of your drink. Yes, they are really comfortable to drink out of too. These are BPA free, and will not leach any chemicals into your drink. I love using them, and I am very comfortable recommending them. I just wish they sold them in larger packs.

I was afforded the opportunity to review BarSpout’s TOP RATED Beer Chiller Cooler Sticks 2-pack, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown.

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