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Every woman likes to look her best. Even if you do not wear a lot of makeup, you can always use an eyelash curler. You can even use one without using mascara, if you so choose to. This eyelash curler is a new and innovative design. The creator and seller explained to me the process for which this design came to him. He watched his female family members have the same problems and the constant complaints about their curlers. He created this great design to come up with the perfect eyelash curling system. I’m personally amazed to see that someone cared enough about his family to try and solve their daily problem, and he did. This eyelash curler has a great wide opening. It’s 1.5″. I have big eyes, and this is great for me. They include 8 extra eyelash silicone curling pads, a mascara guard that has 2 different combs on the ends, and an eyebrow/eyelash brush. Each finger hole even has removable comfort grip pads. I really appreciate those. They help you keep a comfortable grip, so you don’t end up tugging on your lashes. The eyelash curler itself is stainless steel and very sturdy. Thinner ones can be unsteady and end up pulling on your lashes, even causing some to fault out. That is the opposite of the look you’re going for using an eyelash curler.

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Did you know that there are you tube videos on how to use an eye lash curler. Well there are, and they have some great tips I never knew about. You can use your hair dryer to slightly heat up your eyelash curler pad before using it on your lashes. It really helps to create a great curl. We all have our own heat sensitivity level, so check it before going near your eyes. There are different methods to using an eyelash curler. If you don’t have many lashes, you can do them all at one. If you have a ton of lashes or even if you don’t, you can do them in sections. You can start with the inner lashes, then do the middle section, and lastly the outer section. If you do not want to wear mascara, you can apply a gel or Vaseline if you want, or go natural. I go natural mostly. Place your lashes up to the base, but not far enough to pinch your skin. Squeeze the curler shut and hold for about 3 full seconds, and release. When you are done, then you can go back and do the ends of your lashes for the same length of time. Holding them for a long time can end up bending your lashes in half instead of curling them.

If you wear mascara, you can follow the same method as above and then apply mascara using the included mascara guard. I really like the guard. No mistakes to clean up after you just applied all that work into your eyes. You can also apply mascara before and after using the eyelash curler. This will give you a more dramatic and fuller look. A great look for going out on the town. Don’t forget to use the eyebrow, eyelash brush. If you have any clumps, this will help you remove them. Even if you don’t apply any makeup to your eyebrows, just combing and brushing them greatly improves their look.

I really love the extras included in this set. Not only are they great quality, they are really, really useful. I have another eyelash curler, and I whole heartedly like this one  much better. This one doesn’t pull or yank on my lashes. I have bigger eyes, and the width of this one is what I needed. I rarely ever used my other one, but this one is a breeze to use.

Below I have two pictures. The eye on the left is before I used the eyelash curler, the picture on the right is after.

If you would like to purchase this product, it can be seen here on Amazon:

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