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I was afforded the opportunity to review iDeaUSA’s Pico Projector, LED Projector, Wireless Projector Support Online Play, Mini Pocket Projector, 120 inch Display, 5 Hours Battery Life, Compatible with DLNA, Airplay Mirroring, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. In your package you will get 1 storage case, 1 tripos, 1 USB car adapter, 1 AC USB adapter, 1 micro USB cable, 1 carabineer clip on the storage bag, 1 remote control, and 1 instruction book.

This projector is so tiny, it’s too cute, lol. Besides that, it is so portable. My husband is excited about the size. He says it’s perfect for work presentations. I love the storage case included. It’s thick and durable. Everything has a slot in the dense foam, and it holds it well too. There is an open, mesh pocket to store your paper work in it too. The buttons are clear and labeled on this projector. Both the aux port, micro SD port, and the Mirco USB port are on the back of the projector. You need to supply your own Aux cable if needed. Go ahead and plug the projector to charge when it arrives. My projector would not turn on at first. I contacted the company. It turns out that I just had to reset it. Underneath the Micro SD card slot, you will see a tiny pinhole. Take a pin, and press through there. You will feel it click the reset button. I’ve had no issues since then. I do think that they should include a pin key with the projector. I had one from my solar lights. Most arrive with a tiny pin key. It has about a 5 hour run time on a full charge, and you can use it while it is plugged in too. To turn on your projector, press and hold the power button, on the side of the projector for around 4 seconds. You do the same to power it off too. Once it is on, it takes an additional 4 seconds for the projector to project, so to speak. Now, you cannot turn the projector on with the remote, but you can turn it off with the remote. The IR to aim your remote at is also on the back of the projector. It runs fairly quiet too. The image this projector has is amazing for something so small, lol. I know it said that the screen it projects is large, at 55-120 inches, but I really didn’t believe it at all. They so proved me wrong. I was able to view a much smaller screen size, at close range, perfectly clear too. The screen was actually only around a foot wide. I played with it in a very bright room, and displayed it against a pleather footrest. It was very, very clear.  The dial to focus your projector is on the right side of the projector, from the back end of the projector. It’s the only thing on that side. It is really easy to focus this projector too. I did many different functions through here to test it out. Movies, photos, Word Docs, Excel Docs, Miracast, Micro SD card. I was able to focus everything in clearly. I could only test the Miracast from my Android phone. My new computer has Windows 10, and they haven’t added the Miracast capability yet, but they are working on it fortunately. They state that the technology used, to have such great focus capability, is “DLP Technology which features advanced Multi-Color processing, producing exceptional contrast ratios”. It is stated to have a life span of 25,000 hours. The internal battery is a 5000mAh battery, that’s why it has such a long run time on one charge. The lumen count is 80 lumens, but it really is amazingly bright and clear. The lumen count surprises me. It has 1080p resolution. This projector is only 3 inches square, and is 1 ¼ inches tall. It has a red LED light on when charging, and a blue LED light on when it’s turned on. When the projector first turns on, it turns on in its menu mode. Just scroll through and pick which option you want. The options are clearly labeled: iso/Mac, Android, DLNA, Connect Pico to Wi-Fi, Setting and Micro SD. To do the ios, Android, Mac and Windows features, you need to download the Miracast app. It came right up in the Google Playstore, and was free to download. When I opened my app, the phone started looking forward and hooked up to the Pico without me doing anything. I love, love, love how easy that was. I have Microsoft Word and Excel on my phone and more, it’s a Note 5, and I was able to do my forms and see what I was doing through the projector on a very large scale. This is great when you and your partner have to go over home related projects, budgets and more, and especially handy with work related activities. My husband does Energy Management Training Classes, and he will be able to use this projector now. I had no trouble viewing content from my Micro SD cards. I tried different brands, but all were class 10s. That is the best for photo and video quality. It played my Minions movie I had downloaded on a card, but the volume was very low for some reason, through the projector. With my phone playing through the projector, the volume was much louder. You can plug in an external speaker and play through it if you need it louder. The DLNA is easy to use, and it also functions well. You can link your camera to your phone, and then with Miracast, view on the screen, what’s coming into it from your camera. I hope that explains the gist of DLNA. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to do. This is good if you took a lot of photos, but your phone doesn’t have Bluetooth, and you want to view them in large format. The only things I would change would be the audio volume and to add a key pin, in case of need to reset.

Overall, I find this projector easy to use. It has been holding its charge very well, and the picture is really bright, and clear. I am having no issues with its functions. I can’t wait for Windows 10 to catch up so I can use my computer through the projector. I am really enjoying this projector, and I am comfortable recommending it.

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